Save time by enabling Auto Opt Outs

Auto Opt Outs can save your team time by automatically opting the contact out and sending an opt out confirmation in the conversation. With this feature, if a contact sends an opt out term in reply to an initial message, the reply will skip the Messenger, saving your texters time and energy.

Auto Opt Outs are triggered by specific phrases in the contact's first response to an initial message. If the contact uses an "Opt Out Term" later in the conversation, they will need to be manually opted out. If a conversation has been auto opted out, it can be opted in again from the Admin Messenger or the Opt Out Manager. Both admins and texters can still, and are encouraged to, judiciously opt out conversations as needed using the Opt Out button in their messengers.

Auto Opt Outs will sync back "Do Not Text" to VAN, just like clicking the Opt Out button!


Where to toggle Auto Opt Outs on for an account

The Auto Opt Out feature is toggled on at the account level by admins on the Opt Out Management page

A screenshot presents black text against a white background. Towards the bottom, a slide toggle, highlighted in dark pink, denotes the feature's active state.

By default, the Auto Opt Out feature is toggled off. To enable the feature for your account, click the slide button!

Auto Opt Out confirmation reply

When the system performs an Auto Opt Out, a confirmation text is sent to the contact to inform them that they have been opted out. For most US targeting campaigns, GetThru will send the confirmation text, but depending on the provider (most UK and Canadian campaigns), the provider automatically sends their own opt out confirmation in some situations. If GetThru sends the Auto Opt Out confirmation, the Opt Out Message will be sent.

Note - Opt out messages can include the contact first and last name custom fields. However, when using sender first and last name custom fields in an opt out reply, the Auto Opt Out respond with  "System" and "User." As such, we discourage you from using "sender first name" or "sender last name" in your Opt Out Message. 

Assessing how many opt outs are Auto Opt Outs 

On a campaign's details page, ThruText campaign analytics show the number of manual, auto, and total opt outs for that campaign.

Screenshot of a table of black text on a white background. There are 6 boxes with different numeric values in each. A green solid-lined rectangle surrounds the three opt out boxes.

The Conversations Export and Opt Out Export have been updated so that admins can assess the Auto Opt Outs at the campaign and account level (respectively.) Please see our guide on ThruText Export Types for details.

Opt out terms

With the Auto Opt Out feature on, ThruText recognizes six single-word opt out terms set by the industry and the list of Opt Out Language phrases. For the Opt Out Language phrases to trigger an auto opt out, the response needs to be the exact phrase. When an opt out term or phrase is sent as a reply to an initial message the conversation will be auto opted out, regardless of the capitalization.

The six single-word opt out terms:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT
These 6 one word opt out terms are the only triggers for the provider-specific confirmation reply behavior.

Opt Out Language phrases:

  • "Stop to no longer receive texts"
  • "Stop to opt out"
  • "Stop to unsubscribe"
  • "Stop=unsubscribe"
  • "Stop to end"
  • "Stop2end"
  • "Stop to quit"
  • "Stop2Quit"
  • "Stop2OptOut"
  • "Stop to not be contacted again"
  • "Stop to end these messages"
  • "stop=end"
  • "stop=quit"
  • "Quit to opt out"
  • "Quit to unsubscribe"
  • "Quit to end"
  • "Quit2End"
  • "Quit2Stop"
  • "End to opt out"
  • "End2Quit"
  • "End to unsubscribe"
  • "End=unsubscribe"
  • "Cancel to opt out"
  • "Cancel to unsubscribe"
  • "Unsubscribe to opt out"
  • "Unsubscribe to cancel"
  • "Unsubscribe2stop"
  • "Stopall to unsubscribe"
  • "Textea STOP si no quiere más mensajes"
  • "Responde STOP para no recibir mas mensajes"
  • "Textez STOP pour ne plus recevoir ces textos"
  • "Textez STOP pour mettre fin aux SMS"