Breaking down a campaign's numbers

On an active campaign's Details page, you can see information about the campaign. At the top of the page is general information about the campaign. In the section below is a box of numbers that displays the campaign's analytics. Once a campaign's initial messages are sent, the analytics will update whenever you open the page.

The analytics sectionScreenshot of a table of black text on a white background. There are 8 boxes with different numeric values in each.

Initials Sent

The first box on the top left shows how many initial messages have been sent so far in the campaign out of the total amount of conversations. In the example above, eight out of 13  initial messages have been sent.


The second box counts how many segments have been sent so far. This does not include MMS but only displays the number of segments in SMS messages. Above, in the 8 conversations in this campaign, a total of 10 segments have been sent.


The third box counts how many conversations have received a reply from a text recipient. In the screenshot above, 3 contacts have replied to their conversations.

NOTE - The Replies count includes conversations that have been opted out. 

Reply %

In the fourth box, admins can see the ratio of replied conversations to total conversations. In the example above, 3 of the 8 conversations have been replied to, making the reply rate 38%.


The ratio between senders and contacts is shown in the right-most box of the Campaign's Analytics section. This indicates the approximate batch size for each sender if all the conversations were assigned to all the active senders on the campaign. In the above example, 1 sender has been added per 6 conversations. That means since there are 13 total conversation there are 2 senders on this campaign.

Auto Opt Outs

The first box on the left of the second row displays the number of Auto Opt Outs processed in this campaign. In the auto opt out box in our example above, 0 conversations have been auto opted out.

Manual Opt Outs

The Opt-Out box contains the number of conversations that have opted out in this campaign. If a contact was opted out in another campaign or through the Opt Out Management page, the Analytics' Opt-Outs will not count those contacts. Reviewing our example, we see 2 conversations have been opted out of this campaign.

Total Opt Outs

This number is the amount of Auto OptOuts and Manual Opt Outs on this campaign. In the above example, there are 0 Auto OptOuts and 2 manual opt outs, which equal 2 total opt outs.

Digging deeper

Using Message Campaign Exports, you can review each message of your conversations in detail. For a count of every incoming and outgoing message in each conversation, refer to the Conversation Campaign Export. To review your account's overall analytics, refer to the Usage Analytics page

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