How to manage your Opt Outs

Managing your account's opt-outs is critical for successful text campaigns. Message Senders can add contacts to the opt out list from the Messenger. Administrators can query or create opt-outs using the Opt Out Management page in the ThruText Tools drop-down.Screenshot of a column of white text on a dark blue background. There is a dark green solidly lined rectangle calling attention to "Opt Out Manager"

It's important to note that opt outs for ThruText are managed separately from the Do Not Call List in ThruTalk. Contacts added to the Do Not Call list are not added to the Opt Out list, and vice versa.


Opt Out Settings

There are two sections within the "Opt Out Settings" box:

  • This section allows administrators to specify a country code to be appended to phone numbers manually added to the opt-out list. However, if a country code is already provided with the phone number at the time of its addition to the opt-out list, the country code specified in these settings will not be applied.
  • This section also allows one to enable automated opt outs. When this setting is enabled, if contacts send certain keyword responses they will be automatically opted out from the account.

A screenshot presents black text against a white background. Towards the bottom, a slide toggle, highlighted in dark pink, denotes the feature's active state.

Opt Out Message

When a contact is opted out in a conversation in an active campaign, an Opt Out Message is sent to confirm that they are being removed from the list. The Opt Out Message can be customized, but otherwise, there is a default message prepopulated as the carriers require confirming the opt out.

Using the "Create Opt Out" admin panel

There are three sections of the Create Opt Out Panel

  • Manual opt outs
  • Bulk Upload
  • Search existing opt outs

Manual opt outs

Use Manual opt outs to enter a single phone number or a short comma-separated list of phone numbers.

A screenshot showing black text on a white background above a number input field with dark grey text. Below is a solid grey button with white text reading 'Submit'.

To use Manual opt outs:

  1. Enter the phone number(s) into the Manual opt outs text input box, separated by commas if opting out multiple phone numbers.
  2. Click "Submit."
  3. Query for successful opt-out, if desired.

Bulk Uploads

Upload a csv with a list of the phone numbers you want to opt out of your account. 

NOTE - Bulk uploads cannot be undone. To opt contacts in, they must be searched for and the opted back in manually. (See Search existing opt outs.)

A screenshot displaying black text on a white background above a text input field with dark grey text. To the left of the input field is a beige button reading 'Choose File' in black text. Below is a solid grey button with white text reading 'Submit'.

  1. Open your CSV and check that the file has a column header labeled "phone" (no caps) and that your list of phone numbers is in that column. 
  2. While the file is open, confirm that this is an opt out list.
  3. Click "Choose File" to find your CSV, then click the "Submit" button.

NOTE - Depending on the size of your list, it may take some time to complete processing. Please allow an hour for bulk uploads up to 1,000 before contacting GetThru Support. For very large lists, longer.

It is critical to validate your lists prior to upload.  Once you upload a list of contacts, if you want to opt-in multiple contacts, you will need to opt-in each contact individually!

Search existing opt outs

To confirm or remove opt outs, use the "Search existing opt outs" feature. 

A screenshot displaying search results for a phone number entered in the text input box at the top. The search is shown in black text on a white background, with dark pink text below providing the resulting info about the phone number.

  1. Enter a fully formatted number and click "Search."
  2. Review the opt out note as needed. These are created based on the function that was used to opt out this phone number.
  3. You can delete erroneous opt outs by clicking "Delete Opt Out" if necessary. This will "opt-in" any existing conversations for that phone number in active campaigns.

NOTE - For opt-out exports, visit your account's export page.