Viewing and Customizing the Opt Out Message

The Opt Out Management page displays a default Opt Out Message sent out when an opt out is completed within a campaign. Account Owners, Administrators, and Moderators can edit the Opt Out Message for their organization. This Opt Out message is sent in most US campaigns when the "Opt Out" button is clicked in the Messenger or Admin Conversations.

NOTE - Interested in the opt out requests being completed automatically? We have a new setting available to enable automatic opt outs based on certain contact keyword responses. Please check out our Auto Opt Outs in ThruText guide for more details.

Opt Out Management page

The default Opt Out message is "You are now opted-out and will receive no further messages." To make changes to the Out Out Message, click the "Edit" button at the right end of the "Opt out message" section of the Opt Out Management page.

A screenshot featuring black text on a white background. A light blue rectangle with rounded edges highlights the 'Opt Out' message. Above the rectangle, dark pink text reads 'Edit', emphasized by a dark green rectangle with rounded angles.

Create your customized Opt Out message for your organization! You can add basic custom variables like the contact's first or last name or the sender's first or last name to the message. 

  • NOTE - If using auto opt outs, make sure to exclude sender first or last name variables from your Opt Out Message as it will use "System" and "User" to fill in the variables.

A screenshot showing black text on a white background with a text input box. Above the box, four small custom variable buttons are displayed. Below the box, additional information is provided. To the top and right of the box, 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons are present.

Double-check the message encoding and the amount of segments in your Opt Out message. Opt Out messages are required to be sent by carriers but are also counted toward your GetThru bill. In the above screenshot, our customized message is in 7-bit encoding and will be sent as one segment.

NOTE - For scripts that are close to the maximum number of characters in a segment and have a custom variable, please be aware that the custom variable may make your message an additional segment.

Next, click the "Save" button to confirm your Opt Out message or select "Cancel" to remove edits. 

Admin Conversations and Messenger pages

The Admin Conversations page and the Messenger will include this default message for opt-outs unless your organization has edited the Opt Out Message (see above.) If the Opt Out message has been changed, that edited message will be displayed instead. 

In a conversation, clicking the "Opt Out" button will send the message and opt-out the contact, while "Cancel" will close the opt-out pop-up without completing the opt-out.

A screenshot of the Admin Messenger with contact response displayed in the background and a pop-up window in the foreground. The pop-up window features black text on a white background with two buttons below it. The left button is blue, a white center, and blue text. The right button is dark pink with white text.

In the Messenger, opt outs can be completed quickly using Keyboard Shortcuts.

NOTE - The Opt Out Message will only be sent when a specific provider provisions for the campaign. If the other provider completes provisioning, they will send their own provider opt-out message to the contact, which won't be visible from within the admin messenger conversation thread or messages export.

Please write to with any questions!