Overview of ThruText account exports


Account-level exports allow you to pull data for your entire account. You can access these exports under the ThruText Tools drop-down menu. All timestamps within exports are based in UTC time zone.

Screenshot of an expanded drop down menu of white text on a dark blue background beneath. There is a green, solid lined rectangle calling attention to the "Export" selection.

There are six types of account exports: campaigns, messages, opt outs, surveys, users, and tags. To select which export type you want, toggle the "Export Type" drop-down menu at the top of the account-level Exports page.

Screenshot of expanded "Export Type" menu. The background of the page is beige, and the menu has white text on a dark grey background.

NOTE - The download links expire after a short period of time to ensure the security of your data. Please review our Download Protection Error guide for more information.

Types of Account-Level Exports

Message Exports  

Message exports produce a CSV of every outgoing message and incoming message sent in your account during the specified date range. The export will also include the total message segments, message statuses, and message error details for every outgoing message. Message exports are based on message timestamps. So a message export from 10-24 to 10-26 would pull any message timestamped during that time period (all timestamps are in UTC). Custom Fields are included. Account Message Exports can have their start and end dates a maximum of 7 days apart.

Survey Exports

Survey exports produce a CSV of every campaign target, all the fields associated with them, and the survey response data collected by texters. A survey export from 10-24 to 10-26 will pull data for surveys completed in that window. Custom Fields are included. Account Survey Exports can have their start and end dates a maximum of 7 days apart.

Campaign Exports

Campaign exports produce a CSV with an overview of every campaign across your account. Campaigns included in an export are based on whether the campaign's "start date" falls within the date range selected. Admins can pull one week of campaigns at a time. 

Opt-Out Exports

This account-level export will produce a CSV of every opt-out across your organization. It includes conversation_id for traceability to your message and survey exports, opt-out notes, opt out type (manual or auto), and contact names and phone numbers. Custom fields are included and the export can be processed for the life of the account in one csv.

User Exports

This account-level export will produce a CSV of every user across your organization at this time and does not require a start or end date.

Tags Exports

Tag Reports account-level export will produce a CSV of all campaigns within a selected month, the number of outgoing messages per campaign, and the tags your organization may have applied to these campaigns. 

Important Export Notes 

  • File Sizes -- Depending on the size of your organization, export files can be quite large. Please be patient as they download, and don't start new versions of an export while the original one is downloading. If you are concerned that an export has failed, email us at support@getthru.io.
  • 1 Week at a Time -- For Message, Survey, and Campaign exports, you will need to separate your exports into 1-week chunks. So if you want all your messages in October, you would do separate exports from 10/1 to 10/7, 10/8 to 10/14, etc. This will make your exports go faster, lighten the load on our servers, and produce smaller CSVs (Excel can't handle CSVs with more than 1 million rows).  
  • Time Zone -- Exports are based in UTC, which is 4-5 hours ahead of ET and 7-8 hours ahead of PT, depending on Daylight Savings Time. Here's what time it is in UTC right now!
  • Time of Day -- When generating a series of exports, be sure to set the time for the exports to account for the day in its entirety so as to capture all of the data desired.
If you extensively work with exports as part of your workflow, you may want to consider nightly s3 exports