Syncing "Do Not Text" responses to VAN

Contacts opted out within a VAN-integrated campaign (done manually or through the Auto Opt Out feature) will sync a contact history record with the result code "Do Not Text." 

Screenshot of the Contact History table in the VAN UI. Table is black text on a white background.

A couple of notes to keep in mind for this feature to work:

  • The sync will fail if your account does not have the canvass type "Do Not Text" and the result "Do Not Text" available. If you have questions or concerns about this, you will want to put in a request with your VAN admins to see if that can be added to your committee.
  • VAN-integrated campaigns require an account with an active VAN API key, and all contact groups must be mapped with a VAN id.
  • If the contact is opted out in a non-VAN-integrated campaign or via other means (for example, the admin opt out management page), it will not sync to your VAN committee.