Campaign Details

The ThruText admin campaign page is where admins can go to manage their text bank and view the results of the campaign. In this guide, we'll explain the details of this page.

Screenshot of an active campaign's details page. The navy leftside menu, the campaign's basic info, and the bright pink action buttons are shown.


Campaign Navigation Menu

At the top of the campaign details page, you'll see several buttons that are dedicated to various administrative and interaction settings related to the campaign. 

Screenshot of the campaign details page's top menu in black text on a white background.

For more details about the campaign navigation menu, check out our guide: Campaign Navigation Menu.

Campaign Details

Moving down the admin campaign page, you'll see important details about the settings in your campaign. 

Screenshot of the top of the ThruText Campaign Details page showing basic info about the campaign and the pink action buttons at the bottom of the image.

Campaign state

Campaigns can be 'Active', 'Inactive', or 'Archived'. The campaign's state is in the colored oval bubble next to its name. In the example above, the campaign is in the 'Active' state.

Self Assignment and QuickSend Status

Admins can see the status of Self Assignment and QuickSend at the top of the admin campaign page.

Screenshot of dark grey text on a white background with the words "Self Assignment: Off" and "QuickSend: On".

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Initial Message Sending Window

The initial message sending window is the timeframe when initial messages can be sent. When the window has passed, admins and users will no longer be able to send initial messages. After the window, assignments will only show replies, or may disappear if there are no replies. The end date in the initial message sending window can be edited after launching the campaign, but the start date can't be edited.

Screenshot of the initial message sending window header above a date span in dark grey text on a white background.

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Daily Open Hours

The daily open hours are the hours in which the assignment is accessible by users. Its main purpose is to ensure that text messages aren't sent to contacts during inappropriate hours.

Screenshot of a dark grey text on a white background with the header  'Daily Open Hours' above two sets of times and a timezone.

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Phone Number

The phone number section shows the phone number that was assigned to your campaign to send texts from. It also shows the status of the provisioning process that ensures it has been approved by all the carriers as a phone number enabled for message-sending.

Screenshot of a phone number with a green oval with white text 'Provisioning Complete'. There is a tooltip with a dark pink link below the oval.

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The campaign sender invite link can be enabled, disabled, or copied, directly from the admin campaign page.

Screenshot of the header "Campaign Sender Invite Link" with a link generated in the field below it. There is a "Copy Link" button to the right.

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The targeting section shows the groups that the campaign is targeting.

Screenshot of two rectangles stacked vertically with information about 2 group segments in black text on a white background.

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Tags that were added to a campaign during campaign creation will appear on this page. Admins can also add additional tags directly from this page

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Action Buttons

The action buttons on this page provide ways to manage your campaigns.Screenshot of four bright pink action buttons with white text stating "Pause" "Archive" "Export" Clone" on a white background.

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Campaign Analytics

The campaign analytics section provides data about your campaign related to initial messages sent, replies, opt outs, and more.

Screenshot of 8 boxes containing numerical values in black text on a white background about a ThruText campaign.

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The followups section shows and lets you manage previously launched followups and allows you to create new followups. 

Screenshot of a table of black text on a white background showing information about two followup campaigns.

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The senders section shows each sender that is attached to the campaign. The progress column shows how many initial messages they've sent (left) and how many they've been assigned (right). The Action buttons allow you send a sender a 'reminder' or 'thank you' email.

Screenshot of a table of senders on a ThruText campaign. There is one entry in dark grey text on the white background.

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Survey Responses

The survey responses section gives an overview of the responses that have been recorded for survey questions.

Screenshot of a set of 5 bars light grey bars, some partially 'filled' by a light blue color, with black text, On the right are numerical values and percentages.

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Initial Message

The initial message section shows a preview of the initial message of the campaign. The initial message can be edited in an active campaign by pausing the campaign and editing the "script".

Screenshot of an example graphic of a dark grey cell phone with a light blue chat bubble with black text.Recommended guides