Campaigns Overview

In ThruText, campaigns can have four different statuses: Active, Draft, Paused, and Archived. Users can expand the campaigns dropdown menu from the left-side navigation menu to see the different pages for the different types of campaign statuses.


  • When a campaign is initially created, the campaign will be in the draft state. 
  • Users can configure the settings for the campaign, including start and end dates, campaign open hours, area code regions, and more. 
  • After all the selections have been made, the campaign can be launched, at which point phone numbers will be purchased and associated with the campaign. The campaign will then become an active campaign.

NOTE - After a campaign's "Launch" button is clicked, the campaign will be removed from the Draft Campaigns Overview page. Once it is active, you can find it on the Active Campaigns Overview page. If it has encountered an error and cannot launch at that time, it will become a draft campaign again.


  • An active campaign is one in which messages can be actively sent. 
  • Users will be able to see active campaigns in their Texting Assignments.


  • An active campaign can be paused. 
  • Pausing an active campaign will remove the campaign from a user's Assignments page and will pause all messaging on any open conversations. 
  • Pausing a campaign is also required to edit the initial message on an active campaign. 
  • Once a paused campaign is unpaused, after the user refreshes the page, the campaign will appear in Assignments, and messaging can be resumed.


  • Archiving a campaign is the final step in a campaign. 
  • Archiving a campaign is an irreversible action that concludes all message-sending. You cannot send or receive further messages on archived campaigns. 
  • No data is lost when you archive a campaign, as you can still run exports from them. 
  • There are many good reasons to archive your active campaigns routinely. It keeps your Active Campaigns page and your message sender’s Assignments page much more organized. It also releases the phone number attached to the campaign, which helps to prevent a user from reaching the maximum limit of 49 phone numbers per 10DLC use case. 

Campaign Management

The Active Campaigns page allows users to manage all the active campaigns in their account. 

Admins can find specific campaigns with tools such as the search filter or the sortable columns. Use the search filter to type the name of a campaign to find it. You can also sort the columns by clicking on the arrows next to the column headers.

Also, there are buttons that can archive, clone, or view a campaign. Cloned campaigns can be found on the Draft Campaigns page before they are launched, then move to the Active Campaigns page.

For draft campaigns, the available buttons include Delete and View. To preserve important data, active campaigns can't be deleted, they can only be archived. Draft campaigns, on the other hand, can be deleted.