10DLC - Stands for "10 Digit Long Code". A new system developed by wireless carriers to protect the SMS channel from spam and junk messaging.

Account - An organization or political campaign that holds a contract with GetThru.

Account Level Exports - Contains data covering the entire account. (See Exports)

Account Owner - The key decision-maker on a ThruText account. This role is also responsible for entering the required brand registration information for the account. (See 10DLC, Brand Registration)

Account Tools - A menu containing the tools you will need to make account-wide changes to your account, only administrators will be able to make edits to these options, moderators will only be able to see some of the information.

Active Campaign - A campaign that has been launched and is ready for message sending. (See Campaign)

Active Contacts - The number of contacts in an active group.

Active Group - A list of contacts that is eligible to be attached to a campaign. (See Groups)

Administrator - The highest permission level within ThruText, administrators are able to make any changes to the account, invite users, adjust permissions, create, launch, edit, and participate in campaigns. (See Users)

Admin Dashboard - The first page of the admin account where clients can create campaigns, upload new groups, and invite users. 

Archive Conversation - Dismissing a particular conversation that does not need to receive another response. Archiving a conversation hides that thread until it is assigned a follow-up or the contact sends another message.

Archived Campaign - A completed and closed campaign. Once archived, all numbers acquired for the campaign will be relinquished so it is not possible to restart an archived campaign. (See Campaign)

Archived Group - A list of contacts that is not eligible to be attached to a campaign. (See Groups)

Assignment - The allotment of text messages given to a Message Sender when they text for an active campaign. 

Base Segment  - The initial segment that is added to a campaign. Every campaign must have at least a base segment to launch.

Brand Registration - Provides TCR (The Campaign Registry) with basic information about your organization, like your organization's legal name, legal address, and Employee Identification Number (EIN). 

Campaign (Account Export) - Contains the metadata from all the campaigns run from your account between the start and end date selected. (See Campaign)

Campaign Level Exports - Data export containing information pertaining to that specific campaign. (See Exports)

Campaign Specific Survey Question - Survey questions that are created during the campaign creation process, can only be used for that specific campaign. (See Survey Question)

Campaigns - The actual text bank; the contact universe, initial message, recommended replies, survey questions, and the message senders to send them.

Campaign Verify - Any federal, state, and municipal political campaigns, parties, and PACs must register with Campaign Verify to receive their Campaign Verify Token. 

Contact - The person who is being called or texted, or targeted. 

Conversations (Campaign Export) - Data export that contains metadata from the campaign. (See Campaign)

Custom Field - Data input that allows you to place variable text within your text messages for information such as polling location, address, previous donation, or any other column in your list.

Draft Campaign - A campaign that is in the process of being created. All campaigns built beyond step two will be saved as a draft until the campaign is launched. (See Campaign)

Error - Any unit of data in your list that prevents a contact from being processed, all errors are removed from the list at group creation and you will not be able to text that number.

Exports - How you obtain data collected from your texting. All exports will be delivered in CSV format and cover three different levels: Campaign, Group, and Account. 

Follow-up - Follow-up messages are additional admin-initiated messages that can be sent to some or all of the recipients in a campaign.

Global Opt-Out Message - A message that will populate on any campaign in your account when a texter clicks the opt-out button for a contact. The texter can click a checkbox to not send the message if necessary but it will default to on otherwise.

Global Recommended Reply - Recommended Replies that are set in Account Tools; these can be used in every single campaign you create and will be visible in the message sender with a globe icon. (See Recommended Reply)

Global Survey Question - Survey Questions that can be applied to any Campaigns you set up; found in the Account Tools drop-down and selected when you’re setting up your campaign. (See Survey Question)

Group Export - An Export type that allows you to see specific information about the Contacts you’ve successfully uploaded in that Group. (See Groups and Exports)

Group Level Exports - Data export type that contains data pertaining to a single list of Contacts. (See Groups and Exports)

Groups - The list of Contacts that you’ve uploaded and are ready to be attached to a Campaign.

Invalid - Numbers in your list that cannot receive text messages (landlines, fax numbers, disconnected numbers, etc.).

Invitations - The means by which you will add people to join your ThruText account, all permission levels will need to be invited before they can do anything in your ThruText account. 

Landlines - Non-textable numbers that are identified by a third-party vendor. More information on what is textable in Phone Number Verifications. 

Mapping - Matching the fields of your data file that clients upload to the fields in a ThruText account. All files must be mapped to the 3 required fields: First name, last name, and phone number. Custom field mapping is optional.

Message Sender - The most basic permission level available within ThruText, a User that can only send/receive messages. (See Users)

Messages (Campaign Export) - An export type containing the full text of all messages sent to and from your campaign.

Messages (Account Export) - An export type containing the full text of every message sent to and from your account between the start and end date selected. 

Messaged Contacts - The number of contacts that have been sent messages.

Messenger View - The version of ThruText used by Message Senders as they complete their assignment in an Active Campaign. It can also be accessed by Moderators and Administrators if they want to send messages.

Moderator - The midway point between Message Senders and Administrators. Moderators are able to create, launch, edit, and participate in Campaigns, upload Groups, and invite new Users. (See Users)

Opt-Out - Manual exclusion from future text messages.

Opt-Outs (Account Export) - An export type that gives you a list of all the people you’ve opted out account-wide. (See Opt-Outs)

Opt-Out (Messages) - Opt-Outs handled during the normal flow of message sending, opt-outs here will be able to send the preset opt-out reply. (See Opt-Outs)

Opt-Out (Global) - Opt-Outs are handled in the Account Tools menu’s Opt-Out page. These opt-outs will not be synced to VAN nor will they be sent an opt-out message. (See Opt-Outs)

Paused Campaign - A campaign that has been paused. When paused no messages will be sent from that Campaign to your Contacts, though your Contacts will be able to send messages to your Message Senders. (See Campaign)

Permanent Invite Link - An invite option you can use to set up a static link that can be sent to prospective volunteers that once clicked will enable the volunteer to set up their ThruText profile as a Message Sender.

Recommended Reply - Canned responses that your Message Senders can send to the Contact, can be edited to match the precise context of the conversation.

Reseller - Person or org who resells ThruText texts at a discount and serves as the billing and collections for multiple clients.

Saved Replies - Prefilled responses that appear within the texter's reply screen that are preset by an organization's admins at the time of launch. Texters can also create personalized "custom replies" on their user account that only they can see and use.

Script - The first message sent and how all of the conversations in a campaign will begin.

Start/End Date - The account feature that controls when initial messages can be sent. 

Surveys (Account Export) - Contains a list of all your survey responses from every campaign in your account between the selected start and end date. (See Survey Question)

Surveys (Campaign Export) - Contain the data collected from all survey questions asked in that campaign. (See Survey Question)

Survey Question - The mechanism for collecting data from your contacts during a conversation. Survey questions are filled in by your Users during the flow of texting and are not sent directly to your Contacts.

Targeting - The group(s) that you add/remove from a campaign that established who you'd like to send texts to.

Texter - Anyone of any permission level who can send a text in ThruText. However, primarily used in relation to the message senders.

Unvalidated - The numbers on your list that have yet to be processed.

Usage - The number of outgoing texts sent by an organization and the number of unique active contacts in a calendar month (in UTC time).

Users - The individuals who have access to your ThruText account at our varying permission levels (Message Sender, Moderator, and Administrator).

Use Case Registration - Needs to be completed after Brand Registration. Allows cellphone carriers to know the types of messages you are planning to send. (see 10DLC)

Users (Account Export) - Export type that produces a list of all the users on your ThruText Account, their permission levels, and contact information.

Valid - The numbers that have been processed and can be sent messages.

 VAN Synced Survey Questions - Survey brought over using a VAN integration, they are created in VAN and brought over during the Campaign creation process. (See Survey Question)