Text sender assignments

The assignments page is where admins and users can go to access their assignments. The assignments page will only show the assignments for the organization or account that you select on the Your Organizations page. The assignments on this page belong to the organization's name that shows at the top of the page in front of the word Assignments, as shown in the picture below.

Assignments are also known as campaigns, and the two terms are often used interchangeably by admins and GetThru Support. Campaigns is a term commonly used by admins, as it appears on the admin side of GetThru. Similarly, organizations and accounts are also used interchangeably at GetThru.

What do the Columns mean?

Once you have some active assignments, you'll see the columns pictured above.

  • Status: There are 3 different statuses that an assignment can have that indicate what state the assignment is in. The status can also be blank if it doesn't fit into the following three.
    • New: this status indicates that the assignment has conversations that haven't been started. When a campaign has both initial messages left to send, and replies waiting, the status of the campaign will show as New.
    • Replies Waiting: this status indicates that the assignment has conversations in which the most recent message was an incoming message instead of an outgoing one.
    • Followups: this status indicates that there was a follow-up campaign launched. This means that the texting administrator composed a new message to send to a subset of contacts, such as a reminder or a targeted message to contacts that responded.
  • Name: this is the name that the texting administrator gave to this particular assignment/campaign. 
  • To Send: this column shows the number of conversations that haven't received an initial message.
  • Send By: this is the end date selected by the texting administrator to conclude the entire assignment/campaign. 
  • Replies: this is the number of conversations that have a reply waiting.

NOTE - When you hide (archive) a conversation, the conversation won't be counted in the "To Send" and "Replies" columns.

You can click on the arrows to sort any of the columns on the Assignments page.

If your texting assignment isn't showing

If you navigate to your assignments and you either don't see any assignments or you don't see the assignment you're looking for, first check that you're logged into the right organization/account. You can confirm this by checking the name of the organization in the header before the word Assignments. You can look at the assignments in other organizations by switching between organizations.

Other reasons for the assignment not showing include:

  • If the end date of the assignment/campaign has passed
  • The assignment/campaign has been paused or archived
  • You haven't been added as a sender to the assignment/campaign
  • You are on the ThruTalk side of the account (see below.) If you do not have any calling assignments, you will see "No Active Calling Assignments" in the center of the page.

The organization's texting admin can confirm if one of the above is true for your assignments. If you've checked in with them already and your assignment is still not showing, please send an e-mail to support@getthru.io with your organization name, assignment name, and the e-mail address on your profile if it's different than the e-mail you're sending from. 

How to switch from calling to texting assignments

To check which side (ThruTalk or ThruText) that you are looking at, you need to look at the URL in your browser. If you are on the ThruTalk side, you will see "talk/calls/assignments" at the end. If you are on the ThruText side, you will see "client/assignments" at the end. To switch from a calling assignment to a texting assignment, click the "Messenger" button on the top of the screen.