Submitting a Single Client Request for a Sub Account

The sub account form is for single clients that require an additional, sub-account for separating organization data or for contractual purposes. 

Note – If you are a reseller with GetThru, and would like to sign up a reseller client subaccount, please fill out our New Client of a Reseller Partner form instead. For more information on the reseller process, you can also check out our guide Resellers: How to Submit a Reseller Partner Account Request.

To complete the sign up process:

The single client sub account sign up form link is available upon request from the support team. Please reach out to with details on your intended purpose for the sub account request. The support team can then help with next steps and providing the form if moving forward with the sub account process.

Examples of reasons you may require a sub account:

10DLC: Your organization has both 501c3 and 501c4 entities, and you need to segment your traffic with individual brand identities. This is helpful to reduce the chances of increased filtering and throughput concerns. For more information please check out our guide 10DLC Registration for Multi-Entity Accounts.

VAN Integrations: Since only one API key for the MyVoters side and one API key for the MyCampaign side of your VAN committee can be added to an account, if you have additional API keys that you need to sync data on the MyVoters and/or MyCampaign side of a committee, a sub account can be created for syncing additional data.

Previous account was archived but your contract is still active: If you already have a current contract and need your account set back up, but need a form submitted to ensure all updated information is recorded in our system, a sub account can be used for that purpose.