Adding Custom Fields to scripts

You can use custom fields to personalize messages to each recipient. Once a custom field is created and mapped to a group, it will appear in the message creation screen in the drop-down above the text box.

You can add custom fields to ThruText scripts

To add a custom field to a message, use the drop-down to select a dynamic variable to insert into the message. The variable will be added wherever you currently are in the message. 

ThruText automatically populates the custom field in the actual message. For example, if you have the %FirstName% custom field in your message, the contact's first name will be inserted in that place. 

Example uses for Custom Fields

Custom fields aren't just for names! You can add any custom field for which there is data in your group. Here's an example using the %city% custom field to tell a contact where they can vote.

Use custom fields to personalize messages