Brand Registration status types

There are 4 status types for Brand Registration: pre-submission," Pending," "Registered," and "Registration Unverified." Once you have submitted your Brand Registration, your status will be "Pending" until The Campaign Registry (TCR) reviews your submission and returns it as either "Registered" or "Registration Unverified." Verification is done by comparing the information submitted on the Brand Registration form to your organization's tax filing information. If TCR has encountered any discrepancies, they will mark your GetThru account as "Registration Unverified." Read on to learn more about each status type and how to troubleshoot the "Registration Unverified" status.


Before a Brand Registration is submitted, the top of the form will only display "Account Owner Only."
brand registration with account owner only heading


Once you have submitted your registration to TCR, your registration status will be "Pending" until they have assessed your submission. Account owners will be notified by email when the Brand Registration leaves then "Pending" state.
pending brand registration pill


Once TCR has reviewed your Brand Registration submission and verified the details, your status will change to "Registered."

registered brand registration pill

Registration Unverified

If TCR encounters conflicting information, they will mark your ThruText account "Registration Unverified." You will need to resubmit your Brand Registration. Please review the next section below.

registration unverified brand pill

Resubmitting Your Brand Registration

If you receive a "Registration Unverified" response from TCR, you will want to double-check your organization's information. Make sure to check the following:

  • The EIN matches what is on your organization's tax filings.
  • The name of your organization is spelled correctly, without any unofficial abbreviations.
  • The correct "Organization Type" is chosen.
  • Only 527's should select "Yes" for "Is your organization a political entity."

After checking all the information carefully, you will need to email us at to have your registration updated.

The "Government" organization type should only be used by branches of the government. If you are a 501c3, 4, 5, or 527 political organization, please select "Non-Profit."