How to Add a 10DLC Use Case to a ThruText Campaign

This article explains how to add a 10DLC use case to a ThruText campaign, and answers common questions questions related to 10DLC use cases. In order to add use cases to ThruText campaigns, you will first need to have completed Brand Registration and Use Case Registration at the account level. Click here for information regarding Brand Registration and here for information on Use Case Registration. 

10DLC use cases are applied during the campaign creation process. You will see the use case pulldown menu in the Campaign Date and Time section as seen below. To apply a use case, simply use the dropdown menu.

FAQs for Adding 10DLC Use Cases to ThruText Campaigns 

Why is it important to select a Use Case for my ThruText campaigns?

Attaching 10DLC use cases to campaigns tells the carriers what you are sending messages about. This will help ensure that your messages are delivered to their intended recipients, and not filtered by carriers at higher than normal rates.   

Will I be able to launch a ThruText campaign without a use case selected? 

Yes. At this time, use cases are not a required field during campaign creation. However, if you launch a campaign without a use case selected, your campaign may be subject to higher than normal carrier filtering. 

What if I am a 527 Organization?

Currently, The Campaign Registry (TCR) does not have the Political Use Case ready for use by 527 organizations (e.g., political campaigns, PACs, party committees). So at this time, 527 organizations do not need to select a Use Case. We will update this article when we have more information from TCR on Political Use Case availability.

What if I am a union sending text message to my members?

At this time we suggest using the Customer Care use case for these messages. 

What if my organization is based outside of the US? 

If you are an international client based outside of the US, and not texting U.S. phone numbers, you do not need to add a use case. If you are an international organization texting U.S. phone numbers, you should complete Brand and Use Case Registration and select then select the appropriate use case when you create a ThruText campaign. 

What if my ThruText campaign doesn't fit the use cases on my account?

If you don't see the use case you need, your Admins can register more use cases from the Account Tools -> Brand & Use Case registration page. If you still don't see the use case you need, please choose the use case that most closely matches the type of texting you are trying to do, or reach out to our support team directly for more help.

Can use cases be changed after launching?

No, once a ThruText campaign has launched, you cannot change the use case that has been selected.

How does this affect international ThruText admins?

10DLC use cases are only required for texting U.S. numbers. For international ThruText accounts (e.g., Australia), you can select the "My organization is not texting phone numbers in the US."

Can I select two use cases on one ThruText campaign?

No. You can only associate one use case with a ThruText campaign. 

What happens to use cases when a campaign is cloned?

Once a campaign has been cloned, the use case selected for the original campaign will not be carried over to the new cloned campaign. To select a use case for the new cloned campaign, you will need to navigate to Step 1 of the campaign creation process (as outlined here), select the appropriate use case, and then progress to the next steps of campaign creation.