First, adding Recommended Replies

Recommended Replies are saved replies that appear within the texter's reply screen as an optional response to commonly asked questions or phrases. You can add as many Recommended Replies as you like. Recommended Replies are accessible to texters after all of the initial messages are sent, and the replies are visible throughout the campaign as your senders continue to work through the script. 

Picking a relevant and easy-to-understand title is key to prompting texters to identify the proper recommended reply for each scenario.

Recommended Replies are created in the Admin view of the campaign. While an individual user can also set personal "Saved Replies," the Recommended Replies created by the admin always appear at the top of the Messenger's screen.

When creating a reply, enter a title and body, validate the preview, and click "Add New Recommended Reply" to save. 

Editing Recommended Replies with tips and tricks

Recommended Replies created within a campaign can utilize custom fields.

Recommended reply preview

To confirm your custom fields are displaying as desired, refer to the Message Preview below the Recommended Replies creation field.

Recommended Replies can be edited or deleted as necessary before and after launch without pausing the campaign. To edit a Recommended Reply, click on the "Edit" button to the right of the reply.

Recommended reply editAdd Recommended Replies according to your desired conversation flow. This will help you guide your senders' conversations! If needed, you can reorder your Recommended Replies by clicking and dragging each question to the preferred place in the list.

Recommended Replies and encoding

To reduce the number of segments needed to send an SMS message, ThruText automatically checks Recommended Replies for characters that would change the replies' encoding. Then, the system replaces those characters with 7-bit friendly equivalents. If your team is billed per segment, this process goes a long way to saving you money! To read more about our smart encoding swap, click here.