About ThruText campaign links

Used in conjunction with the self-assign feature , the campaign link is a powerful time-saver for admins who would like existing message senders to be self-sufficient over a campaign's life cycle. When enabled, the feature generates a campaign-specific link you can share and disable at any point. When users click the link, they will be directed directly to their assignment in the messenger.

To use the campaign link, you must first enable self-assign on the Senders page of campaign creation. This will give the end-user who clicks the campaign link an initial assignment of 300 messages (if there are less than 300 initial messages available, they will receive whatever amount is left).

Enabling a Campaign Link

Check "Enable Self Assign" and the box to check "Enable Campaign Link" will become clickable:

check enable self assignment and campaign sender invite link buttons during campaign creation

Copying and Sharing Your Link

Once your campaign is active, you can copy and share the link by hitting the 'Copy Link' button or by highlighting and copying the full link. 

select copy link or highlight and copy url to share campaign sender invite

You can disable the link anytime by clicking the 'Disable' button. 

disable button to end campaign sender link sharing

You can also enable or disable the link on the 'Senders' tab by checking the relevant boxes and hitting the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Note - 
Disabling the campaign link is a permanent action. However, it can be re-enabled and will generate a new link.