Clearing a conversation from the Messenger

A hidden conversation is a message status within ThruText. 

Archive conversations button

You can use the "Hide" button in the Messenger's Top Bar to remove conversations from your inbox that are completed. This button does not opt-out the texted person or delete the conversation, but it's more like archiving the conversation. It is just to help you keep your inbox clear if you choose.

Here are some commonly asked details about hiding conversations:

  • As a best practice, you should only hide conversations when you are very sure that you are done chatting.
  • However, conversations will return to your view if the texted person sends a new reply message or a follow-up script is set for that contact.
  • Your texting administrators can see and interact with your hidden conversations on their side in ThruText.
  • Admins cannot "un-hide" your conversations so that they are visible in the Messenger.
  • Message senders cannot access conversations once they are hidden.