Within a few minutes of sending out your initial messages, you'll start to get responses. You have two options for how to reply. Your first option is to write a unique message back to each recipient by simply entering text into the message window at the bottom center of your screen. 


But if you are doing large assignments, you may find yourself writing the same thing over and over again. If that's the case, you should use Saved Replies.  

Saved Replies Overview

A Saved reply is a message that you can use repeatedly. For example, you could create a Saved Reply with directions to an event, and then provide them to anyone who asks for directions. There are two types of Saved Replies: Per Campaign and Global.

  • Per Campaign replies are specific to a particular assignment. For example, directions to an event, information about poll closing times, or a link to an RSVP form.
  • Global replies are available for all campaigns, and should be used for responses to more generic questions, like "how did you get my number?" 

In addition, your administrators can also create Saved Replies for you. These are called Recommended Replies and show up above the replies you create.  




Creating Saved Replies  

To create a Saved Reply, select “Add A Custom Reply” in the Replies tab on the right hand side of your ThruText application:


Next, use the radio buttons to select if you would like the Saved Reply to be used just for the current campaign you are working on. Or, if you want it to be available for all assignments, select Global. Then, enter a Title that you will use to identify your Saved Reply and enter the text you want into “Body.” Finally, click “Save” when you are finished. 


Using Saved Replies 

Once you've created a saved reply, just look for the reply you want to use in your menu and click the + sign to insert it into the conversation. Once you've inserted your saved reply, you can still edit the text of the message before you send it.  


Editing Saved Replies

To edit or delete your Saved Replies, click the three dots next to the reply and then select edit (or delete if you wish to get rid of it entirely). Make your modifications and click “Save” when you are done.



NOTE: You cannot edit Recommended Replies. These are set by your organization's texting administrators. If you need a “Saved Reply” that is not already provided, create a personal "Saved Reply" for that purpose.

Phones and Tablets 

For users on phones and tablets, you will access your Saved Replies by clicking on "Tools" in the upper right. This will take you to the same screen you would see on a desktop that you can use to insert and manage your Saved Replies.


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