Once your campaign is launched, ThruText provides a number of tools to help you manage your campaigns. These tools are available on each individual campaign page. 


Pausing a campaign will stop any more initial messages from being sent out. While your campaign is paused, you can edit the initial message script.


Archiving permanently ends a campaign. No more messages can be sent by either the sender or recipients. Once it is done, archiving cannot be reversed. 


Exports are how you pull data out of ThruText. Exports all come in CSV form and there are two types: surveys and messages. Survey exports produce a CSV of every campaign target, all the fields associated with them, and the survey response data collected by texters. Message exports produce a CSV of every outgoing and incoming message sent in the campaign along with who sent it and the timestamp.   


Follow-ups are additional messages that you want texters to send to some or all of the campaign Target List. Follow-ups have the same targeting options available in campaign creation: you can filter by survey response or response status. 

If you create a follow-up message, senders will be required to send it to all of their contacts (except any who might have opted out) in the same fashion as the initial message, before returning to their replies. Senders can skip the follow-up if it doesn’t make sense in the context of the conversation thus far.

Reminders / Thanks 

If senders have not completed sending their initial messages, you can send them a reminder email using the remind button under the Senders section of the campaign page (scroll down to find it). You can also send a thank you email to senders when they have completed their initial messages. 

Reassigning Senders 

ThruText allows you to reassign messages among senders. To do this, follow the instructions in Reassigning Conversations.