Creating Global Survey Questions

Administrators have the ability to create global survey questions. These survey questions can be added to your campaign during creation or after launch, on-demand, and without being recreated each time. They also allow for consistency of questions and answers across your organization for the information you wish to gather on most or all of your campaigns. Response data gathered for these global survey questions are tied to specific campaigns. Campaign-specific surveys should be maintained within campaigns.

You will find the global surveys under the "ThruText Tools" menu of the admin dash:

Once opened, you can add global survey questions. You will find the "New Question" creator at the bottom of the page:
New question

Using Global Survey Questions on a campaign

You can attach a global survey question to your campaign through the campaign's "Survey Questions" step by opening the "Global" tab. Then, you will select the Global Survey you want from the drop-down menu and click "Add Question."
Responses will be tracked independently for each campaign and available in your exports, just like a campaign-specific survey question.

NOTE - VAN Survey questions cannot be added to Global Survey Question lists. Since the questions are already created within VAN, importing the question functions as its own global survey question. Please write to for additional information.