Creating your ThruText campaign

Campaign Details

When creating a ThruText campaign, you'll start by specifying the following parameters: 

  • Name - Make sure to use consistent naming conventions.
  • Description - The description is visible to senders, so you can use it to give them brief instructions to guide their texting. This is also a great place to let your senders know who to contact if they have questions about their assignments.
  • Country - This will dictate what Groups will be shown at targeting and what area codes can be selected.
  • Time zone - The time zone where your campaign targets are located, which is used to determine when the campaign is open for messaging.
  • Initial Message Sending Window - Start and End Date
  • Daily Open HoursOpen and Close Times - Standard is 9 am to 9 pm local time.
  • Region Area Codes - Selects the local area codes for the numbers from which messages will be sent. The regions work in priority order so that you will choose your first and second priority area codes for Region 1 and Region 2. We recommend using a broader selection for Region 3, like State (All) or US (All).
  • Use Case - This tells the carriers why you are sending your campaign.
  • Organization Display Name and Opt Out Language - These are sent to the contact in your initial message. They identify who the message is from and how to opt out if they need to.
  • Target List - Add previously created Groups or Past Campaigns to build your contact list.


You can add senders before or after a campaign is launched. If you would like your message senders to use Self Assignment with a Campaign Sender Invite Link, you can enable those options now and skip adding senders before launching.

Only senders that have a GetThru user profile AND have accepted an invitation to your organization can be added. Message senders can be added manually by clicking the check box next to their name. If you do not see the sender you are looking for, send an Invitation. Senders who have accepted an invite can also be added in bulk by email using a comma-separated list.

If QuickSend is enabled on your account, you can toggle the feature off at the bottom of the Senders page.

Initial Message

To create a new campaign, you will need to write an initial message that includes who the message is from and how a contact can opt out, if they wish. To assist in starting an engaging conversation with your contacts, use Custom Fields to personalize the conversation! Please refer to our Tips for Initial Message Creation for more best practices. The message preview window visible during campaign creation will allow you to estimate segments for your SMS initial message. Initial messages can be a maximum of 1,600 characters, but the best initial messages are short and invite conversation!

You can also create MMS initial messages that include pictures or GIFs. For details on this feature, please check out our guides What is MMS in ThruText and How to Add MMS to Your Initial Message.

Recommended Replies

Recommended replies are saved replies that appear within the texter's reply screen as optional responses to commonly asked questions and phrases. Please refer to our recommended replies guide for more tips and tricks! 

Survey Questions

Survey questions are the data points your texters collect during conversations. Please see our survey questions guide for additional details!


During the review stage of campaign creation, you should double-check all of your work to ensure that everything looks good. If you need to make a change, you can go back to that step, and any edits you make will be automatically saved. Once your campaign review is complete, scroll to the bottom of your campaign and click the "Launch" button. You will see the status of your campaign change from "Draft" to "Launching" and then to "Active."

Launching will notify any senders added during the "Senders" step via email that they now have an assignment. This will also make their assignment visible when they log into ThruText.

For a walk through of launching a ThruText campaign, please check out our video How to Launch a Campaign

Larger campaigns can take longer to launch than smaller campaigns. If you have any concerns, please write to