Request more conversations

Some campaigns may have the self-assign feature turned on, which will allow you, the message sender, to add additional conversations to your assignment. 

If your texting admin has turned this feature on, you will see a button in the middle of the screen that says "Request Conversations."

 NOTE - It will not appear if this feature has not been activated on your assignment.Screenshot of the messenger where the two blue "Request Conversations" button are highlighted with green solid-lined rectangles. One is in the center of the screen while another is in the left sidebar.

Clicking the "Request Conversations" button will assign you a batch size decided by your texting admins. If you have received too many conversations, you will need to ask them to adjust your assignment. 

If there are no remaining conversations, you will see an error message pop up when clicking the "Request Conversations" button.

Screenshot of Messenger with blue pop up notice with white text: "No more conversations available" surrounded by a dark green solid-lined rectangle.

The center "Request Conversations" button only appears after all initial messages have been sent, hidden, or opted out. The "Request Conversations" button at the bottom of the Left Side Bar is available after all initial messages have been sent, regardless if the replies have been hidden. Both buttons are hidden if you have initial messages left to send.