Introducing the SuperCollider

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a major overhaul of the ThruText message-sending “engine” to send your messages even faster while maintaining our best-in-class delivery rates and improving our user interface. We call this new system the SuperCollider because it better handles all messages flowing through our system. Plus it sounds cool!

Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

  • Faster sending
  • Admin Messenger redesign
  • Better handling of rate limits
  • New rules for re-queueing rate-limited messages

The rollout will occur in stages. We’ll notify you in the application when we turn on the SuperCollider for your account. You’ll also know if you are in the new system if your URLs have the word “supercollider” in them.

Faster Sending

While sending speed varies based on your computer and internet connection, you should now be able to send at least 10 messages per second, 2-4 times faster than before. Here’s a video of what that looks like using our QuickSend feature:

Admin Messenger Redesign

We've revamped the design of the Admin Messenger to categorize messages into four types: Initial Messages, Responses, Opt-Outs, and Follow-Ups. The Responses and Opt-Outs tabs will always be visible, while the Initial Messages and Follow-Ups tabs will appear dynamically based on conversation statuses.

But that's not all – we've packed even more functionality into the Admin Messenger:

  • QuickSend is now available, allowing for faster message sending for those who prefer the Admin Messenger.
  • Messages attempted when your campaign is closed will be queued up and sent once the campaign opens
  • Easily manage unsent initial messages with warnings and options to change the sending window.

Better Handling of Rate Limits

10DLC has introduced many rate limits into our sending process. The SuperCollider does a better job of handling them. In the past, encountering a rate limit could lead to message failures. With the SuperCollider, we've implemented a sophisticated system that proactively manages rate limits to ensure your messages reach their intended recipients as soon as possible.

The clearest example of this is your T-Mobile Brand Daily Cap – which limits how many messages you can send to T-Mobile customers in a given day. In the past, if you attempted more messages than your T-Mobile daily cap, messages over the cap would fail. The SuperCollider will hold the messages that would have exceeded your cap and re-queue them for the following day according to the rules described below.

New Rules for Requeuing Rate-Limited Messages:

We've implemented next-day retry rules for rate-limited messages, ensuring no message is left behind. Here's what you need to know:

For initial messages, retries will occur the next day within the campaign's Initial Message Sending Window, ensuring optimal delivery. If the next day is outside your Initial Message Sending Window, they will not be retried.

Non-initial messages, if rate-limited, will be automatically retried the following day.

Please review these rules carefully, especially concerning the Initial Message Sending Window, as they may impact your campaign setup. Have questions? Reach out to, and our dedicated team will provide assistance tailored to your needs.

What’s Next

In the coming weeks, because the SuperCollider allows ThruText to actively manage your message traffic in much finer detail, we will also release reporting updates to include deliverability information on every message in your exports.

Stay tuned for more updates via notices within your account as we roll out these exciting features!