GetThru Spring Refresh: Auto Opt-Outs + More

We are excited to present a new feature that will save everyone valuable time: Automated Opt-Outs! When one of your contacts replies to the initial message with certain “Opt-Out Terms” we will mark the contact as Opted Out, send the automated “Opt-Out” confirmation message, and ensure the contact is tracked as Opted Out across your account.

Because this is a major change, we have made Automated Opt-Outs an account-level setting that you control. When we roll this feature out on Wednesday, April 17th, you will see the new option to “Enable” Automated Opt-Outs near the top of the “Opt Out Manager” page under the ThruText Tools menu.

What events create an Auto Opt-Out?

We have enabled two sets of replies as “Opt-Out Terms” for Automated Opt-Outs:

  • Stop, Stopall, Unsubscribe, Cancel, End, and Quit

  • “Opt-Out Language” selections during Campaign Launch, such as “Stop to opt out”

These responses will only create an Auto Opt-Out result when they are the first reply to your initial messages. All responses will be treated as “Case Insensitive,” i.e., STOP, stop, and sToP are equivalent. The reply content must match exactly to an option from these lists, and must be only that response with no other characters in the reply. For example, “STOP” creates an Auto Opt-Out; “Stop texting me” will not.

If your contact sends an “Opt-Out Term” at any point after their first reply to your initial message, we will not apply an Automated Opt-Out event. In these situations, you will still need to process the opt-out manually.

What can my message senders expect?

Message senders can expect that most of their work processing Opt-Outs will no longer be needed. Replies that get automatically opted out will not show up in their list of replies requiring action; those replies will continue to be visible to Admins for quality control purposes. Senders will still need to manually opt-out recipients who request an opt-out without using one of the above keywords or who use a keyword not immediately following an initial message.

What else should I know to get started?

  • We have separated Manual vs. Auto in the Opt-Out Stats on the Campaign Details pages.

  • The Campaign Conversations Export and account level Opt-Out Export now feature columns showing Manual vs. Auto Opt-Outs.

  • We stopped “Opt-Outs” performed before your current campaign from counting in the analytics for your current campaign.

Informed Provisioning

Now, you can easily track when your phone number has completed provisioning with our new status tags: green for complete, yellow for in progress, and red for failed. Provisioning with wireless carriers can sometimes take longer than expected, especially during peak times like elections. This feature aims to increase your campaign's deliverability by ensuring your numbers are fully ready to use. Now, you can confidently text knowing the provisioning status of your phone numbers right on your campaign details page.

VAN Key Inactive Voter Change

To give our clients more flexibility in the contacts they source from VAN, beginning April 5th, VAN updated the permissions of ThruText and ThruTalk API keys, enabling them to access records of inactive voters. As a result, if your current list process relies on the API key to automatically exclude inactive voters, you will notice these contacts appearing in newly synced external contact lists and groups following this update. To continue excluding inactive voters as before, you must manually adjust the list filter. More information on this change can be found in the Help Center here.

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