Message status

Sometimes, a message is prevented from leaving ThruText to go to the messaging provider. When that happens, an account is not charged for that message. 

What message statuses are not billable?

Non-terminal states

  • "unsent" - This message had its "Sent" button clicked, but it was not forwarded to the provider at the time of the export and remain within the ThruText system. Messages may be "unsent" when they are queued within our system and may still be sent.

Terminal states

  • "sending failed" - This message encountered an issue and was not sent to our provider. This can happen, for example, if a campaign had messages queued overnight and the campaign was archived before they could go out.
  • "campaign closed" - This status does not exist in the SuperCollider as it has the upgraded queuing system, but for older messages, accounts are not charged for messages that were not sent to the provider because the campaign was closed.
  • "rate limited" - Our system is optimized to prevent messages from becoming rate-limited and entering a terminal state, but on the off chance that one is, an account is not charged for it.
  • "handoff failure" - When attempting to send the message, our provider told us that they could not accept this message from us. This is a terminal state.
If a message has encountered a "sending failed", "rate limited", or "handoff failure" unbillable message status, admins can confidently send that message to that contact again, if desired!

What message statuses are billable?

  • "sent" - Messages that have successfully left the ThruText system are billable unless they meet a certain type of provider error code. See Message Errors in Exports for error explanations. 

NOTE - Admins can see the number of billable messages for a month on their Usage Analytics page. Additionally, they can assess if a particular message was billable by reviewing Account or Campaign level message exports.