Happy Holidays! In honor of gift-giving season, here are a few product enhancements we’ve rolled out over the past few months.  Please tell us what’s on your GetThru wish list in 2024 by taking our client satisfaction survey. 

Conversation Tab Improvements 

Earlier this year, we rolled out some major UX changes to the conversations tab of ThruText, where many clients spend a lot of time. We got a lot of feedback about how our new design could be improved, so we set to work on a variety of enhancements. These include: making the conversations list sortable, adding the Needs Reply stat, allowing reassigns from the Conversations list, and many more. You can see some of the enhanced functionality below, and read about all of the improvements here.

Better Segment Counting

Text messages are sent in segments, and the number of segments can have a big impact on throughput and, in some cases, cost (for clients paying per segment). So we upgraded our segment counting tools to improve accuracy and clarify how segment counts can change with the use of special characters. You can read more in these support articles about segment counting and text message encoding. And here’s a screenshot of our new segment counter: 

Accessibility Improvements

One of GetThru’s core values is to Make Space for Everyone. In the past six months, we’ve made a concerted effort to live that value by ensuring that people with different levels of sightedness can access our software. (Shout out to our partners at Stanford University for their encouragement and strategic input in this area.) That includes better respecting the functions required by screen readers such as alternative text with images and proper hierarchy of contents. We’ve also improved our color contrast and made more interactions accomplishable with a simple set of keyboard interactions. You can read more in this blog post.


Earlier this year, we rolled out a new way to send text messages. QuickSend allows senders to send all of their messages at once, instead of clicking through each of them one by one. More than 200 clients are already using QuickSend, and they’ve given us lots of positive feedback, like this: “This is an excellent feature, which allows our senders to work faster and with a deeper concentration on replies.”  But we know some clients are not aware of the feature. So we wrote up this blog post about how it works and why it’s now OK to skip clicking. 

2024 Roadmap

We do road-mapping on a quarterly basis to allow us to respond to evolving client priorities. Some of the improvements we are considering for Q1 2024 include automating opt-outs, link tracking, and additional integrations. If you have features you’d like us to prioritize, please let us know via our client satisfaction survey. 

With the recognition that we live in a  time of enormous uncertainty and challenges around the world, we hope you have a restful and rejuvenating holiday season wherever you are.


— The GetThru Team