Sending 10DLC-compliant MMS

Before sending MMS messages, an image must be added to your 10DLC use case. The Campaign Registry and the Carriers need a single image that represents the intent of your communication. They need an example that is in line with what your contacts can expect from your MMS campaigns to satisfy this requirement.

Don't worry; if you already have an approved use case, this won't re-trigger manual vetting


If your organization has not completed Brand Registration or applied for a Use Case, stop everything and do that first.

Before an image can be applied to your use case, an admin or account owner will need to add an image to your Media Library. Click here for more information about managing your Media Library.

Submitting the sample image

Once your use case is accepted, reopen your Brand and Use Case Registration page. In the Use Case registration box, click the "Browse Media Library" button:

Next, select an image that best fits the type of use case you attach it to. For example, an image with election date info should be attached to the "Political" use case rather than to "Charity." 

After submitting your sample image, you can double-check the image you selected by viewing your use case. Click "Save" to confirm.

Once the image has been approved, you will see a tag next to your use case: "MMS Approved". You're ready to send your MMS campaigns!

Until an image is attached to your use case in TCR, a banner will be visible on your Media Library page:

Once an image is attached to the use case, the banner will disappear.

NOTE - Only use cases that have added a sample image can be used to create MMS campaigns. If an account has multiple use cases and only one is "MMS Approved," switching between use cases will cause the image to be removed from the initial message.

Please write to with any questions or concerns.