Conversations Overview page reassignments

There are two ways to reassign conversations, at the campaign level (Bulk Reassign) and the individual conversation level. This article details how to use the Bulk Reassign feature on the Conversations Overview page. Bulk Reassignment is helpful when you run large campaigns and want to move conversations across all your senders based on different statuses.

Adding new senders 

ThruText allows you to reassign messages among senders. If you need to add new senders before you reassign, you can add them on the Senders tab of your active campaign.

Conversations Overview page

Bulk Reassignment is done on the Conversations Overview page of your active campaign. To access the Conversations Overview page, open the Conversations tab at the top of your active campaign

Next, on the Conversations Overview page, click the Bulk Reassign drop-down.

This will give you access to three options, outlined below: 

  • Bulk Unassign All
  • Bulk Reassign Some
  • Bulk Reassign All

Bulk Unassign All

If you want to take all conversations away from all your senders, regardless of reply status, you can move all of them in one swoop back to "Unassigned" by selecting "Bulk Unassign All."

Bulk Reassign Some 

If you choose "Bulk Reassign Some," you can choose how many conversations, what status you'd like the messages to be in when you reassign them, and who you'd like to assign them to. At the bulk level, you can select multiple users to redistribute messages to:

In the above example, there are a total of 12 conversations. 6 conversations will be reassigned, regardless of their reply status to Lindsey and Abby. The results would be 6 conversations in "Unassigned," with 3 conversations assigned to Abby and 3 to Lindsey.

Bulk Reassign All

If you choose to "Bulk Reassign All," you can choose what status you'd like the messages to be in when you reassign them, and they will be divided amongst the selected senders.

In the above example, there are 12 conversations, 1 of which needs a reply, all in "Unassigned." By using the "Bulk Reassign All" function, I am going to move the 11 not started conversations to Lindsey. 1 conversation would remain in "Unassigned."

Statuses used in Bulk Reassign

  • Any - This will move any messages regardless of status.
  • Needs Reply - This will only move conversations where a contact has replied and is in need of a reply (the conversations that are indicated with a blue dot).
  • Not Started - This will only move conversations where the initial message has not been sent yet.