Redacting a contact's information

GetThru offers a privacy feature that allows you to hide a contact's phone number from the admin and user interface. With this feature, admins can enjoy an increased level of privacy and control over contact information, ensuring that contact phone numbers remain confidential from callers.

How Redact Contact Information Works

The Redact Contact Information feature is disabled by default for new accounts. When disabled, a contact's phone number will show in ThruText and ThruTalk. In ThruText, a contact's phone number can be found in the Conversations Manager, which is accessible by users with moderator permissions or higher. With this feature enabled, the space under the contact's name will simply be blank.

In ThruTalk, a contact's phone number will show in the calling interface for users with any permission level. When this feature is enabled, the sidebar will show "[number redacted for privacy]" where the contact's phone number would typically appear. 

Clicking on the Copy button from the sidebar will only copy the text, "[number redacted for privacy]".

Enabling this Feature

This feature can be added to your account at no extra cost. This account-wide feature will apply to all active and new campaigns once enabled. To enable this feature, please contact and ask for the Redact Contact Information feature.