Checking your reports for deliverability

Message errors are a part of everyday sending. After messages have left ThruText, they are sent to our provider. Sometimes, our provider encounters an issue attempting to move the message forward to the carriers. For example, you may have texted a contact from another country, and our partner refused to send the message, or a more significant issue might have occurred in the texting environment. 

GetThru displays the message error code and the message error type in Message Exports. Message errors are codes generated by our providers, and while some are billable, some message errors are not billable. Errored messages can be billable, "Y" (yes) or "N" (no), according to the Message Exports "billable" column. Errors that are not billable are not counted on the Usage Analytics or the Network Account Usage pages. 

Examples of billable message errors

Message Error CodeMessage Error TypeFurther Description
4720Carrier Rejected as Invalid Destination AddressMost Common Error Type. This could mean the number is just invalid or is not enabled for messaging. We recommend not texting this number again.
4700Carrier Rejected as Invalid Service TypeSecond Most Common Error Type. This usually means messaging (SMS or MMS) is not supported by the carrier or handset. We recommend not texting this number again.
4780T-Mobile rejected due to volumetric violationYour T-Mobile EIN Daily Cap limits how many segments you can send to T-Mobile customers in a given day.
4750Carrier Rejected MessageThe destination carrier has rejected the message but provided no specific reason.
4771Rejected due to shortened urlThere was an error with the shortened URL used. Our message provider recommends customers obtain their own dedicated domain if shortened links are needed for their messaging campaign or send the full URL. 
5620Carrier Application ErrorThe carrier is reporting a general error associated with their application processing the message.
4781AT&T rejected due to 10DLC volumetric violation or throttlingAT&T rejected due to volumetric violation. This error can indicate throttling by AT&T for 10DLC or other reasons, including high spam rates. This error is most likely to occur if messages are sent before provisioning.
4730No route to destination carrier or no roaming route exists.The carrier is reporting there is no route available for the messages. This could be because no routing exists to the destination, no roaming route is available, the destination handset is roaming on a network that cannot be reached, or routing was denied. This error is most likely to occur if messages are sent before provisioning.
9902Timed out waiting for delivery receipt. The reason a delivery receipt was not received is not known.Our message provider timed out waiting for the delivery receipt from the carrier; this could be because the downstream provider did not send the requested delivery receipt, or they sent it after the system timed out at two hours.
Unknown destination handset

The destination number you are trying to reach is unknown and may no longer exist, the device you are trying to reach is not on or does not have sufficient signal, the device cannot receive SMS (for example, the phone number belongs to a landline), or there is an issue with the mobile carrier.

Unknown error

This means that your message was not delivered for unknown reasons. Our carrier partner provided a very generic error message that provides no further details. 

Unreachable destination handset
The destination handset you are trying to reach is switched off or otherwise unavailable.
Landline or unreachable carrier
Your message was sent to a landline, or an unreachable carrier for this phone number type.
Message filtered

Your message was identified as spam or unwanted, or it was flagged as objectionable and blocked by a wireless carrier.

4770Carrier Rejected as SPAMThe Carrier is reporting this message as blocked for spam. Spam blocks could result from content or SHAFT violations.
Rejected as SPAM
This message has been filtered and blocked for spam. Messages can be blocked for various reasons, including volumetric filtering, content blocking, SHAFT violation, etc.

If you encounter an unlisted error type in your export, please reach out to support for any questions. To prevent spam errors, please follow our guide on Tips for Initial Message Creation and Recommended Replies.

Examples of unbillable message errors

Message Error CodeMessage Error TypeFurther Description
4432Messaging to country forbiddenOur message provider indicated this country is outside of messaging reach.
4303Malformed To NumberThe "To" number associated with the message is a number not routable to a carrier.
Could not download media
There was an error retrieving the media.
21610Attempt to send to unsubscribed recipientOpt these contacts out. One of our providers has a system to opt-out contacts automatically when they send specific keywords. Attempting to reply to these conversations will error.
Permission to send an SMS has not been enabled for the region indicated by the 'To' number
You have attempted to send an SMS or MMS to a country that is not supported.