Turning a text-only SMS campaign into an MMS campaign

By adding an image or gif to your campaign before launching, your campaign will change from an SMS (text-only) campaign to an MMS campaign. Segments do not apply to MMS messages, so if you plan to send a very long text-only message, you should consider adding an image!

Add media to your account

Before an image or GIF can be added to your campaign, you must add it to your Media Library.

Launching a campaign

To get started, create your campaign, but do not launch it. On the "Initial Message" step, click the "Browse Media Library" button:

Select the image or gif you want to add to your campaign and click "Insert Media" at the bottom of the screen. Your media will appear in the Message Preview. Type your initial message while adding your custom fields, and then click the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen:

Meme source: Organizer Memes. The ThruText initial message script writer is shown. The script reads "Hey %FirstName%, it's %SenderFirstName% with %OrgName%. We don't want to say that you can't even get reproductive health care in Ohio. Will you come to the organizing rally to protect our rights on Friday? %OptOut%" Below, the Message Preview is shown with an image from the Mean Girls movie. Text over the image reads "Get in, Ohio, we're protecting reproductive freedom in November."

Double-check your media file and initial message on the Review page. Once you are ready, click the "Launch" button!

Send your MMS campaign

Once launched, your texters can send out your MMS messages!