Enabling one-click sending for your texters

QuickSend is a feature allowing senders on a ThruText campaign to send their initial messages by clicking the "Send All" button once. QuickSend works at about 10 messages per second, dependent on the sender's internet connection. Message senders will only have this option on accounts that have the feature enabled. To have the feature enabled, please write to support@getthru.io.

Once enabled within an account, QuickSend can be toggled off and on using the Senders page at campaign creation or by editing a campaign:

Once the campaign is launched, to start the QuickSend process, open the Messenger and click the "Send All" button. See the QuickSend for Texters article for a demonstration.

Turning QuickSend on and off while users are in the Messenger will require a refresh of the page or the sender navigating to their assignment list and then back to the campaign they were on to see the updated button.

QuickSend works on follow up campaigns too!

If you would like to return to the standard sending method for all campaigns on your account, you will need to write to support@getthru.io to turn off the feature.

NOTEQuickSend can only be used in the User Messenger, and is not currently functional in the Admin Messenger. The User Messenger can be accessed by clicking on the word "Messenger" at the top right corner of the admin dashboard, while the Admin Messenger can be accessed from the Conversations tab in the campaign overview, as pictured below.