For resellers setting up new client accounts

If you are already a reseller and are now ready to sign up your clients for GetThru accounts, please follow the steps in this guide.

NOTE - If you are not yet a reseller with GetThru, but would like to begin that process, please get started by contacting and return to this article after your reseller account has been created. For more information on new resellers, you can also check out our guide, Resellers: How to Submit a Reseller Partner Account Request.

To complete the sign-up process:

From the GetThru home page, you can access the "Get Started" link that will bring you to the product page: Get Started

From the next page, you can begin the sign-up process by clicking on the Sign Up button (the sign-up page also can be found directly by inputting in your address bar).

Choose the second path - "New Client of a Reseller Partner" (selecting any other form will cause an incorrectly submitted client account request):

New Client of a Reseller Partner button

Begin filling out the form by completing the sections "Tell us about your Reseller Client" and "Tell us about your Client's organization," where you must input your client's organization details. All fields are required.

  • Important notes:
    • These sections must not include any reseller information. This section requires only client details.
    • Client email and client website must be unique to your client. Please do not input your reseller email or website, as it will prevent your request from being processed.
    • Example:

Next, complete the "Choose Your GetThru Tools" section and indicate who should receive onboarding materials.

  • Example:Choose your GetThru tool

In the following section, "Reseller Information," is where you should input your reseller account information, including your company's name and contact information. Feel free to use the last question, "Anything else you want to share?" to share any information we should know about the account or your client.

  • Example:Reseller Information

Finally, click submit to affirm account authorization and complete your client account submission:

  • Example:Account affirmation and submission

This will send your request to our team, and we'll be in touch with the next steps as soon as possible.

NOTE - All reseller clients will need a "New Client of a Reseller Partner" form filled out and will be categorized in our database as subaccounts under your main reseller account.

GetThru works exclusively with Democratic and progressive campaigns and values-aligned organizations. We review each new client request from our resellers, and our Sales team will reach out to you with any questions/concerns or if we cannot work with a particular candidate or organization.