Details on submitting and checking ticket statuses


Logging into the Help Center

 You can log into the Help Center using a password or linking your Google account.

Screenshot of log into the Help Center using a password or linked Google account.

To log in using Google, simply click the Google link under "...or login using" and enter your Google information.

To create a password, click "Sign Up With Us" on the right side of the page. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address, after which an activation link will be sent to the email you entered.

Clicking the activation link will take you to the Help Center, where you can enter your name and create a password. Use your new Help Center account to check the status of any of your Support tickets!Screenshot of the activation link that will take you to a prompt where you can create a password

Your Help Center profile is not the same as your user profile in If you already have an account you use in ThruText or ThruTalk, you will still need to create a new profile in our Help Center to access your tickets.

Submitting a New Ticket

On the GetThru Help Center home page, you can submit a new ticket by clicking the "New Support Ticket" link or view the ticket status by clicking the "Check Ticket Status" link.

If you click on the "New Support Ticket" option, you will be directed to a page to submit your inquiry:

Screenshot of a new ticket form of black text on a white background. At the bottom are 2 buttons, "Submit" on a pink background and "Cancel" in light grey.

Checking the status of an existing ticket

If you click on the "Check Ticket Status" option, all of your tickets will be accessible from this page:Screenshot of an example of checking a ticket's status. On the right side of the table is a small "pending" tag of blue text on a light grey background.

  • By default, this page shows "Open or Pending" tickets. However, you can change the drop-down to "All Tickets" to see completed tickets in addition to uncompleted tickets or to "Resolved or Closed" to only view completed tickets.

NOTE - You can also use the "New Support Ticket"  and "Check Ticket Status" links available within each product's support centers using the following links: ThruText Support and ThruTalk Support For a complete directory of our help centers and helpful links, please check out our GetThru Support  section.

If you submitted a ticket and haven't received an email in response, it may have gone to your spam folder or been filtered by your email provider. You can always check the status of your ticket by logging in here instead of relying on email!