Historical Data

We can generate historical messages, surveys, and opt-outs data for your ThruText account for date ranges that exceed at least 30 days. For requests for a month of data or less, you can generate Account Exports or Campaign Exports.

Tag Reports are Account Exports that are generated by the month and contain a breakdown of the number of conversations by each tagged campaign. Additionally, opt-outs can be generated for the duration of the ThruText account. 

If you'd like to submit a request for historical data, please email the GetThru Support Team at support@getthru.io.

Additionally, if you are looking to submit a request, we also recommend setting up an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for Nightly S3 Exports. This will give you access to the messages, surveys, and opt-out data for each day, and you'll have the freedom to interact with the data in a way that benefits you.