Tag report exports


Tag reports are monthly Account Level Exports that contain the total number of conversations, outgoing SMS messages, outgoing SMS segments, outgoing SMS failed messages, outgoing MMS messages, and outgoing MMS failed messages for each tagged campaign. An example tag report can be seen below:

Table, Excel

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Adding tags

Tags can be added on the review step of campaign creation or by adding to already launched campaigns. 

Campaign creation "Review" step

To add tags before launch, click the "Add Tag" button in the "Campaign Tags" box. See example below:

Adding tags to an already-launched campaign

Tags can be added to Active, Paused, and Archived campaigns. To add tags to a campaign, open the campaign's details page. Then click the "Add Tag" button located below the "Targeting" section.

Additional exports available

While Historical Data Requests are reserved for requests greater than a month, Tag Reports can be used for easily tracking monthly data.

If you are interested in additional ways to manage your ThruText account data (messages, surveys, and opt-outs), we recommend utilizing Nightly S3 Export Delivery.

Please email the GetThru Support Team at support@getthru.io if you have any questions.