Are you encountering an error?

When errors are encountered within a browser, a good first step is to check whether or not the process produces the same error within a private browsing window. If the error does not happen using a private browsing window, this is an indication that the browser's cache needs to be cleared. Below, we've included links to instructions for both opening private browsing windows and clearing the browser's cache, for some of the main browsers used today.

Private Browsing Windows


Clearing Browser Cache


Some of the more common issues that arise when using the ThruText platform that requires the browser's cache to be cleared are receiving the error "You have ThruText open in more than one tab or window!" or receiving a blank screen when attempting to log in. Both of which are pictured below:

Additionally, if you are making calls using ThruTalk you may find yourself sent back to your assignments page when you try to start calling. If this happens, please close any other browser tabs with ThruTalk open. You may still need to clear your cache.

If you continue to experience issues with, please reach out to GetThru Support Team at