Increased security for your organization

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, adds an extra level of security to your organization's account by asking your account owners, admins, and moderators to enter a one-time 6-digit code on each new login to GetThru which is generated via the third-party authenticator app of their choice.

MFA User Types

MFA only applies to admin-side users, which include the following:

  • Account Owners
  • Admins
  • Moderators

How to Enable & Set Up MFA

1. Notify admins & moderators in advance

Let your admins and moderators know that you plan to enable MFA on GetThru and instruct them to download a 3rd party authenticator app. We recommend Authy, 1Password, or LastPass. 

NOTE - Once MFA is enabled, your admins & moderators cannot access your organization until they have set up MFA.

2. Contact our support team

To enable MFA on your account, please submit a ticket or email and include your organization name in the request. We'll let you know once it's complete!

3. Scan the QR code

Once MFA is set up on your organization's account, you will need to scan a QR code at the first login. You will scan the code using your 3rd party app and enter the 6-digit authentication number. Hit the "Verify Code" button to complete the setup. This is the MFA setup step for all moderators, admins, and account owners.

4. Enter the code from the app with each new login

If you log out and log back into an MFA-enabled GetThru account, you'll be prompted to enter a new 6-digit code. Just open your authenticator app, enter the code, and press the "Login" button. All users on your account who access the admin dash will encounter this window.


If an admin or moderator removes GetThru from their 3rd party authenticator app, or their code isn't working, and they need to re-enable, they can hit the "Show QR Code" text link, which will allow them to reset and continue to log in.

For additional assistance with MFA, please reach out to