Create, edit, and reset the text of your voicemail greeting for your account from within your Admin dashboard.

Begin by selecting Voicemail Greeting from the 'Account Tools' dropdown on the left: 

To Create Voicemail Greeting

Type the greeting you would like for your account's voicemail and click the 'Create Voicemail Greeting' button:

Protip: For proper pronunciation of robo voicemail greeting, write your message as phonetically as you can to ensure accuracy of reading.

To Edit Voicemail Greeting

Click "Edit" to make any adjustments or update your greeting.

To Reset to Default Voicemail Greeting:

Click "Revert to Default" and then confirm "Ok" to go back to the default voicemail that reads:

"Thank you for calling [Organization Name]. The person who texted you has been notified of your call. You can also leave a voicemail after the beep."

Once you've entered the new desired message, click "Update Voicemail Greeting". All set!