How to start conversations

As you begin to create your texting campaigns in ThruText, you may wonder what you need to say in your messages and how to best collect data on your responses. Here are a couple of tips that are universally applicable for your texting campaigns:

  • Keep messages as short as possible, but don't make them too dense. Nobody wants to have to work to understand what you mean, but at the same time, super-long texts are likely to be ignored. Moreover, at 160 characters, there is a chance that carriers will split your message into segments of 160 characters each, and there is no way for us to control the order those texts are received. In addition, GetThru has different pricing plans that can be per message or segment; depending on your specific plan, pricing may be affected by the number of segments in a text.
  • You can add media (pictures or GIFs) to your initial messages (MMS messages have their own rate listed within your contract).
  • Avoid using links in your initial message, as that raises the risk that a carrier marks your text as spam and fails to deliver it to your contact.
  • Under no circumstances use or TinyURL shortcodes. Generic URL shorteners raise massive red flags to carriers and have a very high risk of making them mark your text as spam. If you do use a shortcode, it is best to obtain one from a domain you own, like your campaign website.
  • You can use foreign accents and characters in your texts. As long as you can type it, you can text it but be aware that they will impact your character counts and can break your messages into multiple segments.
  • Utilize the 'Survey Questions' feature. Collecting data on your conversations over ThruText is critical to measuring the success of your campaign, sending follow-up messages, and targeting future campaigns.

Below are some sample scripts for various scenarios you may end up texting.


Ballot Chase

The goal of ballot chase is to track down voters who've received a vote by mail ballot and remind them to turn in their ballot. The basic principle here is to ascertain that they have received a ballot quickly and to inform them where they can drop it off or (if they have not yet received one) tell them what they will need to do to obtain one if legally entitled to one.

Initial Message

Hey %FirstName%, it's %SenderFirstName% with the Bartlet Campaign. Your ballot should have come in the mail by now, have you received it yet? Send STOP to opt out.

  • Yes, has received - Great! Be sure to mail it in before Election Day so it gets counted!
  • Yes, has received (alt) - Great! Be sure to mail it in before Election Day. The nearest drop box to your address is %BallotDropLocation%
  • No, hasn't received - Okay, some ballots are still in transit. If you haven't received it by next week please let me know! When you get it, be sure to mail it in by Election Day!

Survey Questions


The goal of a GOTV text campaign is to maximize your voter turnout. To that end, studies indicate that simply providing accurate precinct-level polling location data, as well as the operating times, will be better for increasing turnout. Asking open-ended questions will increase engagement but has no impact on turnout.

Initial Message

Hey %FirstName%, it's %SenderFirstName% w/ the Bartlet Campaign. Just texting to remind you that Election Day is Tuesday! Based on the address where you're registered to vote (%StreetAddress%). Here's your polling place: %PollingLocation%, %PollingLocationAddress%, %PollingPlaceCity%. Polls close at 8pm! End=unsubscribe

  • If Yes - Great! [Something motivational: e.g., We expect a lot of people to vote. Or this election could swing the balance in the Senate]! Do you know when you will vote and how you will get to your polling location?
  • Already Voted - Thanks for voting! Can you take a moment to text five friends and remind them to go to the polls?
  • Not Voting - I'm sorry to hear that. What are the issues you care about?
  • Voting For Opposition - Got it. Thanks for letting me know. Have a nice day!
  • How Did You Get My Number? - We got your number from the list of registered voters, which is publicly available information.

Survey Questions

Event Recruitment

The goal of an event recruitment text campaign is to maximize turnout at an event. Your guiding light here is engagement! You want to ask open-ended questions to get buy-in from your constituents and then provide the event details in a follow-up message (ideally created as a recommended reply). You can later launch a follow-up campaign to remind RSVPs of the event. Standard practice for many campaigns is to recruit 7 days out, then follow up at 3, 2, and/or 1 day out from the event.

Initial Message

Hi %FirstName%, %SenderFirstName% here with the Bartlett campaign. There's a great campaign event on Thursday near you in %City%. Are you interested? Send QUIT to opt out.

  • Event Details - The event starts at 7pm at 123 Main Street. We'll get the updated strategy on the campaign, and a Q&A with the candidate. Can you make it?
  • RSVP Yes - Great! I'll mark you down as a YES so organizers can expect you. Please spread the word and feel free to bring friends!
  • RSVP No - No worries, we'll keep you posted about other ways to get involved in the future. In the meantime, we'd appreciate a like/share on Facebook! LINK

Survey Questions

Volunteer Ask

The goal of volunteer asks is to recruit volunteers to schedule a shift for your event/phone bank/texting campaign/etc. Volunteer asks are also about engagement with a friendlier audience of known supporters, so don't be afraid to go for the hard ask in the initial message.

Initial Message

Hey %FirstName%, it's %SenderFirstName% w/ the Bartlett Campaign, we're working hard to put Josiah over the top, but we can't do it without you. Do you think you'll be able to support us by volunteering? stop2end

  • Yes - Will Volunteer - Great! We'll be phone banking tomorrow and Thursday evening and doing block walks Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon! Which works best for you?
  • More Info - We phone bank in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays and canvass on Wednesday evenings and in the afternoon on the weekend. Would you like to join us?
  • No - That's fine, hope you can make it some other time! We have opportunities every day of the week!
  • Volunteer Commitment Confirmation - Great! Thanks for your support! See you on (date)! Be sure to bring (walking shoes/phone/headset/other)!

Survey Questions


The goal of a fundraising campaign is to raise money for the campaign. Unlike most texting campaigns, you should not include a hard ask in the initial message, as it can be alienating. We also suggest avoiding dollar signs ($$) in the initial message. The initial message should ask something more generic such as for "support." 

Initial Message

Hi %FirstName%, this is %SenderName% with the Bartlet campaign. Thanks to supporters like you, we've been able to bring our message across the state! Do you think you'll be able to support us? Quit2End

  • Yes - Support - Excellent! Do you think you'll be able to help us out with a gift of %DonationAmount%?
  • No - That's okay. Would you be interested in helping us by becoming a volunteer?
  • Yes, donate - Great! Thank you for your support, %FirstName%. You can post your donation here: LINK
  • No (alt) - That's okay, thanks for your time!

Survey Questions