Setting permissions in your folder for ThruText

The second step to completing your VAN API Key integration in ThruText is to configure your VAN folder. Click here for information on how to get a VAN API Key for your committee.

Step 1: Set VAN Permissions in your VAN Folder

Before you can "pull" lists from VAN to ThruText, you will first need to grant the ThruText API permission to access your lists in your VAN folder. VAN folder creationYou will then want to create a dedicated folder of lists and provide permissions at that level by editing your folder settings. Here's what those permissions settings look like in VAN:

VAN user access settings

Step 2: Save List to Your Folder 

Once you've got your folder set up with the proper permissions, create lists in VAN that you want to move over to ThruText, and make sure they are in the proper folder as a saved fixed list.

Note: Your lists must be saved as fixed lists and NOT dynamic searches. The VAN API will not populate lists in ThruText from the VAN-side if they are saved as searches.