Keyboard Shortcuts in the ThruText Messenger

Rather than requiring your mouse to navigate the screen, folks sending texts through the messenger can utilize a series of keyboard shortcuts to jump between tabs and the message composition box.

Texters can access the keyboard shortcuts through the link on the bottom of the messenger or by pressing [shift] + ? (shift plus question mark). Press 'esc' to close the keyboard shortcuts box.

NOTE - When using the following shortcuts, the keys must be selected one after the other and not held at the same time. Simply press the first key, release it, and then press the second key.

Shortcuts you can use while in your assignment:

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Pressing 'g' then 'r'Takes you to the 'Replies' tab
Pressing 'g' then 's'Takes you to the 'Surveys' tab
Pressing 'g' then 'i'Takes you to the 'Info' tab
Pressing 'g' then 'm'Focuses on the message composition box
Pressing 'c' then 'a'Archives a conversation
Pressing 'c' then 'o'Opts out a conversation
Pressing 'c' then 'm'
Requests more conversations1
Pressing 'esc' when in the message composition box
Clears focus from the message composition box2
Pressing 'esc' when in the opt out menu
Cancels the opt out menu and returns to the conversation
Pressing 'esc' when in the archive menu
Cancels the archive menu and return to the conversation
Pressing 'tab' twice, then 'shift' + 'enter' when in the opt out menu
Completes the opt out request
Pressing 'tab' twice, then 'shift' + 'enter' when in the archive menu
Completes the archive request
Pressing 'shift' + 'enter' when in message composition boxCreates a line break in your message3
Pressing 'enter' when in the message composition boxSends your message

1 You can only use the "Request More Conversations" feature if you have finished your current assignment and tended to all awaiting replies.

2 shortcuts

3 This means if you click into the message box or use the 'g m' keyboard shortcut, pressing 'Shift+Enter' will break up your message with a new empty line.

Shortcuts that can be used across the messenger:

Keyboard ShortcutsAction
Pressing 'v' then 's'
Opens support dropdown menu
Pressing 'v' then 'u'
Opens user dropdown menu
Pressing 'g' then 'a'Takes you to your assignment page
Pressing 'g' then 'p'Takes you to your profile page
Pressing 'g' then 'o'Takes you to your organizations page
Pressing 'j' or 'k'
Scrolls down and up through your conversations list
Pressing 'enter' or 'o' on a highlighted item
Navigates to that conversation or assignment.
Pressing 'shift' + '?' (shift plus question mark)Opens the keyboard shortcuts menu
Pressing 'esc' when in the keyboard shortcuts menuCloses the keyboard shortcuts menu

These shortcuts are disabled when typing in text boxes like the message composition box and the freeform survey responses.

In our ongoing quest to improve full keyboard accessibility, we will be adding additional keyboard-based shortcuts for the messenger in upcoming releases. 

We are still fine-tuning the behavior, so please send any feedback or keyboard shortcut requests to