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You can integrate your ThruText account with your ActionKit instance and synchronize your event RSVP details in real-time.

ActionKit integration enablement requires you to send your organization's ActionKit URL and an API key (username and passcode) to, and we will enable your organization's integration.

Since ActionKit uses user accounts as the API authentication, to generate your API Key, you would first want to create a user called thrutext with the email address Then give that user All Models - View, Edit, Delete permissions (this may also be called REST API - View, Edit, Delete) and leave the staff box unchecked.

You can then send us your ActionKit URL and the email and password to log into the account you have created for thrutext. For security, we advise that you send the user name by email to and the password separately using a site like or

Once enabled, your account will have three custom fields: ActionKit Event ID, Email, and ActionKit Page Name. 

custom fields: ActionKit Event ID, Email, and ActionKit Page Name.

First, upload a new group utilizing these 3 required custom fields and any additional fields that you require. Event ID and Page Name will be relevant to the event for each individual contact. We recommend you upload other event details, such as location or time, in custom fields as well. These details can be used in scripts or recommended replies for your message senders to communicate to your contacts.  

Example CSV:

csv example

NOTE - Your event page name is the short name for your event sign-up page. You will see this on the Action Basics screen while setting up the event sign up page:

short name highlighted

Once uploaded, create a new campaign with this group. When you navigate to the Survey Question step, a new question will be available "ActionKit Event RSVP." 

survey type

Fill in the text for the question that will display for your message senders, click "Add Question," and a new Survey Question will be created.

survey question

When a message sender selects "Yes," ActionKit will be notified of the contact's RSVP. If "No" is selected, ActionKit will cancel the RSVP.

Within the admin or message sender console, blue indicates pending synchronization, red indicates failure, and a return to gray indicates success.

Admin console:

admin console viewMessenger console:

messenger console view

ActionKit Event RSVP survey responses will appear in the standard campaign survey exports.