For the Contact that refuses a text message

Opting recipients out of future texts is one of a message sender's most important jobs in ThruText. Failure to opt people out can lead to legal consequences and significant fines. There are two key things you need to know about opt-outs:

  • Opt outs are final. Once you opt out someone out, they won't receive another text message from your organization through ThruText. If you opt out a contact in error, please contact your organization's texting administrators to remove the contact's opt-out status. 
  • Opt outs do not happen automatically. Texters need to recognize that a recipient wants to be taken off an organization's texting list and then manually opt them out.

How Do You Decide to Opt Out?  

If someone wants to be taken off your organization's texting list, they tend to say so directly, e.g., "Take me off your list," or "please stop texting me." We recommend that you acknowledge their concern and let them know you are opting them out before you do so. Because once someone is opted out, they can't receive another message. Your organization may provide a default opt out message that can be modified to fit into the conversation. 

In some cases, it won’t make sense to send a message indicating an opt out -- for example, if someone says “stop sending me messages, they cost me money” then you would not want to send them an additional message about the opt-out. The most important thing is just making sure to honor all opt out requests immediately!   

If you are ever unsure whether someone wants to be removed, just ask, like this:

opt out message

Starting an Opt Out

Once you're sure that someone wants to be opted out, simply click the Opt Out button above your conversation window.


Completing an Opt Out

Once you click the Opt Out button, you'll be asked if you are sure you want to opt them out. If your organization has designated a default opt-out message, it will show below. The opt-out message is optional; you can uncheck the box to opt-out without sending a message. This would be useful if someone tells you that they are on a texting plan that charges them for incoming text messages and you do not want to send them another message.

Once the opt out message is ready, or the box unchecked, click "Submit" to complete the opt out.