Recording data about your conversations

Most of your assignments will have one or more survey questions connected to them. These questions represent the data that your administrators want you to collect. One of your key jobs as a message sender is to accurately fill these survey questions out. Survey questions are how organizations know how recipients are responding to messages and are often used to target follow-up communications. 

Filling in survey questions is easy. All you have to do is look at the responses from the contact and register what they are telling you. You will find your survey questions in the Survey tab of the messenger console, which will appear on your screen only after you have sent out all of your initial messages.

There are four different types of survey questions that your organization can create on a campaign: 


yes no survey question

Multiple Choice

This will allow you to only pick one answer as a response with a circular radio button. 

circle = pick one


This will allow you to pick multiple responses with square checkboxes. 

checkboxes = multiple choice

Here's a set of survey questions before it is filled in:

survey questions unanswered

And here's what it looks like after filling it in--note the black dot in a Y/N question or the black X on a checkbox multiple-choice means your response has been recorded. 

answered survey questions


Filling in freeform survey questions is slightly different than Y/N or multiple choice in that you will not see a pink indicator to record the answer. It will auto-save your response. Here's an example:

freeform survey question example

Freeform questions have a max character limit of 2,000 characters.