Creating replies for every campaign in your account

Admins can create “Recommended Replies,” which will be displayed in the Saved Replies menu for message senders. Recommended Replies can be either Global or per Campaign. This guide will detail Global Recommended Replies.

For information using Recommended Replies in the Messenger, click here.

Global Recommended Replies

Global Recommended Replies are intended to help your message senders respond to typical statements or questions that may come up on any campaign, such as "How did you get my number" or "Tell me more about your organization." Using Global Recommended Replies, you can give your message senders a standard and consistent script on how to reply in those situations. Global Recommended Replies are:

  • Always available in any campaign.
  • Can insert Sender or target First or Last name in the script, but cannot use any other custom field.

Creating Global Recommended Replies

To create a Global Recommended Reply, select "Recommended Replies" from your "ThruText Tools" menu:

You can view, create, edit, or delete “Global” Recommended Replies from this page.

To create a Global Recommended reply, scroll to the "New Recommended Reply" section. Next, you will add a user-friendly title and write the body of your message. Then, you will click "Create Recommended Reply" to save.

Once you create a Global Recommended Reply, your message senders will see the modified reply options at the next refresh of the web application in every active campaign.

Editing and deleting Global Recommended Replies

The edit and delete buttons are located to the right of the title of the Recommended Replies. Global Recommended Replies can be edited/deleted before and after they are used on a campaign.

Admins can also edit the account's Global Opt Out Message from the Global Recommended Replies page.

Campaign Recommended Replies

Campaign Recommended Replies are just like Global replies, except they will only appear on the specific campaign to which they are attached. For example, they might be used to answer, "How long will the event be?" Campaign Recommended Replies are:

  • Only available in the campaign where it was created
  • Can be added during the campaign creation process or after the campaign is launched
  • Can include custom fields--just like any initial message or follow-up message scripts.

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For more information about creating Campaign Recommended Replies, please see Campaigns Overview and for a video demonstration, please check out our video How to Set Global Recommended Replies.