Not enough phone numbers

Sometimes when you attempt to launch your campaign in ThruText, you may get an error that says you will need to select additional regions to launch your campaign.

Are you choosing more than one area code while creating your campaign?

When selecting the Region Area Codes for the campaign, if the area code(s) you chose have run out that will trigger the error. 

If you only select one area code, it limits the pool of available numbers for your campaign. Therefore, we advise that you select up to three area codes to launch your campaign. Selecting entire states (Illinois (All)) or an entire country (US (All)) will maximize the pool of numbers that your campaign will launch with.

NOTE - Remember to hit launch again after selecting additional or new area codes for your campaign!

In some rare instances, the vendor will still be out of numbers even after selecting three area codes. In this case, selecting area codes from bordering regions can provide available numbers for your campaign. If you are still having trouble launching your campaign, contact for assistance choosing area codes.

During busy times in a campaign cycle (e.g. in November or right before a primary in your state) numbers can simply run out as everyone is running their campaigns across the state. It is advised that when possible, Pre-Loading and launching your campaigns as far out as you can will help avoid running into this error. 

Segmentation error

You will get a segmentation error if you add more than 100,000 contacts to a campaign.

Does your campaign's segments total over 100,000 contacts?

100,000 contacts is the maximum size for successful campaign launches. Ensuring your campaign has less than 100,000 contacts will solve this issue. Admins may take into account Group Size to ensure that the campaign does not encounter a segmentation error.

Apportionment error

You may get an apportionment error at launch when the system attempts to obtain a phone number from our vendor but encounters an issue during processing and cannot launch the campaign. 

Do you have more than 49 phone numbers associated with a single 10DLC Use Case?

One factor that can lead to an apportionment error is if your account has reached the maximum allowed phone numbers associated with the 10DLC use case, which prevents an additional campaign from apportioning with the use case. If that is the cause, to be able to successfully apportion an additional campaign, you will need to archive currently active campaigns to free up the account's use case to procure additional sending phone numbers.

NOTE - If your account's use case has reached the associated sending phone number limit, the account owner will have received an "Important: Action Required for [your org] ThruText Campaigns" email notification about the account and campaigns to archive.

In some cases attempting to relaunch the campaign may resolve the issue. However, if relaunching or archiving campaign(s) does not resolve the issue, please reach out to support at for further assistance.

Phone number provisioning error

When a campaign becomes active, its phone number may still be provisioning,. Occasionally, a campaign will fail to provision completely and the campaign is at risk of encountering decreased deliverability. Admins can choose to clone their campaign and archive the campaign that failed phone number provisioning to ensure high deliverability rates.