How to reassign messages at the individual level

With ThruText, you can reassign conversations at the campaign level (Reassign on the Conversations Overview page) or at the conversation level (reassigning an individual sender's conversations). This article details how to reassign individual conversations.

Reassigning at the individual sender level is useful when you are running smaller campaigns and may know that an individual sender cannot finish their assignment, for example, or if a particular contact needs special attention from a different sender.

Before reassigning, adding new senders 

ThruText allows you to reassign messages among senders. If you need to add new senders before you reassign, you can add them on the Senders tab of your active campaign.

Viewing a sender's assignment

Reassigning conversations is done on the Conversations tab of your active campaign.

Then, on the Conversation Overview page, you will find the user you want to access and click on their name.

After selecting "Manage Conversations," you will see the selected user's assignment:

Changing senders in the admin messenger

To change the individual sender you are looking at in the Admin Messenger, you do not need to go back to the Conversations Overview page. Simply click the "Viewing as:" drop-down in the yellow bar to access another texter's assignment.

When first using the "Viewing as" drop-down, senders will be listed in the sorting order last used on the Senders table on the Conversations Overview page. "Unassigned" is always listed at the top of the order. 

  • Clicking the "Sender" header in the above screenshot would sort the senders by first name Z to A. Clicking it again will return the sorting order to first name A to Z.
  • Clicking the "Progress" header, will sort first by the highest total amount assigned to the sender (denominator), with a secondary sort order by the amount sent (numerator). Clicking the "Progress" header again would flip the order.
  • Clicking "Needs Reply" will sort the senders by how many conversations the user has yet to reply to. Clicking the "Needs Reply" header again will flip the order.

After choosing a "Viewing as" sort order, the chosen sort order is carried to the Conversations Overview page.

Using the Reassign Conversations drop-down

There are two ways to reassign messages from the Admin Messenger: the drop-down menu in the top left corner or clicking the "Reassign (contact name)" on the top right bar.

There are three main ways you can move groups of messages: 

  • Unassign All 
  • Reassign Some
  • Reassign All

Unassign All

If you want to take all conversations away from this sender, regardless of reply status, you can move all of them in one swoop back to "Unassigned" by selecting "Unassign All."

Reassign Some

By choosing "Reassign Some," you will have the option to select how many conversations to remove from this sender, what status you'd like the messages to be in when you reassign them, and who you'd like to assign them to:

In the above example, I am moving 3 "Not Started" conversations from Abby's assignment to Lindsey. 

Reassign All

By "Reassigning All" conversations, you will move all conversations of a certain status from the assignment you are viewing.

In this example, I am moving all conversations that need a reply from Lindsey's assignment to Abby.

Reassigning individual conversations

From a sender's assignment, you can reassign an individual contact to another sender or to "Unassigned." 

  • First, locate the conversation you want to move using the search bar. 
  • Then, click the "Reassign (contact name)" button.

  • Next, choose where you would like to move this conversation.

In this example, I am moving Lindsey's conversation with Bilal to Abby.

  • To save your choices, click "Reassign Conversation." To avoid moving the conversation, click "Cancel."

Statuses Defined

  • Any - This will move any messages regardless of status.
  • Needs Reply - This will only move conversations where a contact has replied and needs a reply (the conversations indicated with a blue dot).
  • Not Started - This will only move conversations where the initial message has not been sent yet.

For a walk through of ThruText conversation reassignment, please check out our video How To Reassign Conversations.