First impressions are very important, so you want to make your initial message as effective and efficient as possible.

Tip 1: Keep it Short

Your initial message should be short and to the point. If your message is too long, it can cause some carriers to break your single message into multiple ones. (More information on text segments in this Help Center Article.) You can use the script previewer to see approximately how many characters are remaining before the text may get segmented.

Tip 2: Invite contacts to engage in a real conversation

ThruText enables real, two-way conversations, so try ending your initial message with an engaging question that invites a response from your contact. 

Tip 3: Avoid Using Links

Including a link in your initial message will Increase the risk that a carrier marks your text as spam and fails to deliver it to your contact. Once a recipient responds, you are in the clear to send them a link -- for example, your initial message could invite a volunteer to come to an event. If they respond that they are interested, you can include a link to an RSVP form in a subsequent message. 

(If you have to include a link in your initial message, use a secure link that uses https:// instead of http://, and include that prefix in your script. The best link is a shortened, secure URL for your own domain name, rather than a generic service like

Tip 4: Be careful with emoji

Emoji’s look like one character, but often count for 60-80 characters, which can lead to multi-segment messages and deliverability issues. (See Tip 1!)