Pulling a List From VAN

There are two options for importing a list of contacts from VAN to ThruText; "pushing" using the SMS button and "pulling." This article explains how to "pull" a VAN contact list into your ThruText account from the External Contact List page. 

If you haven't set up your VAN integration yet, click here to learn how to get set up.

Importing your list

Navigate to the 'External Contact Lists' menu in the Account Tools drop-down of your admin dash. Click "New External Contact List" and then select either Voter File or Campaign Saved Lists:

"Voter File Saved Lists" will be populated with lists in the MyVoters area of VAN, and "Campaign Saved Lists" will be populated with lists from the MyCampaign area of VAN. 

Find your list and click on the name:

Then, validate the list details and update your list name, if desired. Click the "Create List" button.

Locate your list on the External Contact Lists management page in the Account Tools of your admin dash. To create your group, please follow this guide on making your VAN list into a ThruText group.